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Advice For Girls In Love (Weibo)

Don’t be too passive in love.
If you don’t respond that you like him, no one can hold on for too long.
One’s efforts cannot become the relationship between two people.
Don’t believe this sentence,
“If you love me, you should know what I think.”
No one will know exactly what the other person thinks.
Because the other party didn’t know your thoughts in time,
Thinking that he doesn’t love you is irrational.
Love a person moderately.
Don’t treat your boyfriend to no bottom line,
Or he’ll treat you like a mother,
Don’t blame him for finding you another daughter-in-law.
Always remember that a person who eats too much will not be grateful,
Instead, he will be anorexic.
People who say they love you don’t necessarily love you.
Compared with sweet love words,
His being busy in the kitchen when you are sleepy,
His big hand coming to take you home after work.
His phone calls several times a day to give you a sense of security,
Are the most touching.
Remember to speak out when you have grievances in your heart.
Don’t force yourself to be sensible.
Your suffer patiently for a long time, but
He just takes you for granted.
Timely communication in love shows that the bottom line is very important.
The days ahead are very long.
If you want to get married, please marry
Someone who makes you laugh more than you cry.

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