Emotional Intelligence

📚❤️ #Reading #EmotionalIntelligence I read online that reading romance novels can increase emotional intelligence. // 我从网上看的,说看言情小说,可以增长情商。 Wǒ cóng wǎngshàng kàn … More

Dark Humor

😄😈🤣 Living alone for too long means attending each of your friends’ funerals one by one, which can be quite … More

Emotional Wellbeing

🤷‍♂️❤️ Don’t expect one person to appear in your life and fulfill all your psychological needs, making you never feel … More

Time Well Spent

🍵📜🌧️ In the passage of time, quietly grasp that season as gentle as raindrops: savor a cup of delicate tea, … More

Moonlight Shines

🌕🌍 Where moonlight shines, it’s all hometown; where your feet tread, it’s all life. // 月光所照,皆是故乡;双脚所踏,皆是生活。 Yuèguāng suǒ zhào, jiē … More

Peaceful Homes

🌸🌕🏮 May people be at ease, may flowers bloom and the moon be full, may the lanterns shine brightly, and … More

Autumn And Winter

🍂🤗❄️ I wish you can snuggle up with lovely humans during the autumn and winter seasons, and may all your … More

Measuring Life

💫🏞️📏 People must be shocked by prosperity and moved by simplicity. The two experiences measure the width of a life. … More

Understanding Life

🌟😌💡 To put it simply, people can be divided into two categories: those who have figured out life and those … More