What Is Still Is Fate

✨ What is ever-changing is the heart, but what is still is fate. // 千变万化的是人心,纹丝不动的是命运。 ​​​​ Qiānbiànwànhuà de shì rénxīn, … More

OCTOBER 5, 2018

Send you a blue sky and white clouds, may you have a good mood every day. // 送你一片蓝天白云,愿你每天都有好心情。 Sòng nǐ … More


💔😢 When I think of you Just let me sink into the night Goodbye baby! // 当我想起你 就让我沉入黑夜 Baby До … More

Life Is Short

🌄🌊❌⏳🤔🙅‍♂️ Although I never believed in the so-called “high mountains and long rivers” Life is bitter and brief, why bother … More