Taiwan, Day 4: Way Back Home

The hotel almost had nothing left for us at breakfast. We then headed to Kaohsiung Airport and left Taiwan around noon. Finally the tour had some lunch with VietJetAir for us. I shouldn’t have eaten the noodles I brought with me. Next time, I wouldn’t bring noodles to any where.

The best thing about this tour was the knowledge about Taiwan politics. I now understood more about Taiwanese culture as well. I expected to come back to Taiwan soon to visit more places, maybe when Mayday has a live show here.

Taiwan, Day 1: Taipei

After so many days convincing my sis to go somewhere abroad this fall, I finally had her to travel with me to Taiwan, my fav place recently just because of Mayday. We booked a 4D4N tour by Nam A Chau on Tiki because the it offered the lowest price possible.

We spent the first night on the VietjetAir plane. The tour leader brought us some snack (breads) but we didn’t eat them all because we were so tired that we just wanted to sleep. Lately, I’ve brought some music with me so I could rest easily. But this time I still couldn’t have a good night sleep on the plane after all. Thanks to the ushanka, I kept my ears warm enough on the plane. This should be a must-bring hat for me on all flights from now on.

Was it the first time I welcomed dawn on a plane? I don’t remember. But the aurora really lifted my mood after 3 hours. After clearing customs and getting my booked SIM card at Taoyuan airport, we headed to the double-decked bus for our first meal in Taiwan. Our female tour guide was a Vietnamese who used to work in Taiwan for many years then later married a Taiwanese, so she explained the geography and cultural differences of the Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan so well. I thought she was the best tour guide I’ve ever met. I bet this tour would be a great experience which would change my perspective on traveling in a tour group.

Just like in Australia, all people in the bus must fasten their seat belts. The tour bus today took us to Shifen where we visited the waterfall and released a hand-written lantern to the sky. It’s my birthday today, so my wish was for health and peace, written in Chinese-Vietnamese.

After lunch, we went to the Yehliu Geopark and then the famous Taipei 101. It was good that Taiwan tourism was limited for Chinese mainland people. I hardly saw Chinese people invading these tourist spots.

After having dinner in a basement restaurant, we came to the Look Hotel for some rest. The tour guide helped us find the way to the Ximending night market where we strolled packed streets of food carts and musical performances. Finally, I took a sip of the real Taiwanese tea from 50 Lan brand. Such great tea with delicious toppings!

Singapore, Day 2: Sentosa Island And Mayday Concert

In order to be present at Sentosa Island early, I decided to skip the breakfast somewhere not near the 5footway.inn. Unluckily, Singapore seemed to be a country that woke up late though the Sentosa pass said they operated from 8:45am. Around 9:30am we changed the tickets and took the cable car to see what Sentosa had to offer.

After reaching the Faber’s Peak to find out that it was closed, we went down to have lunch at Beaver’s Cafe. Though the restaurant was kinda hard to find, their meals were delicious.

As we only had 3 options out of many recreational spots at Sentosa, we went around for quite some time before picking the aquarium though the Royal Albatross had to be redeemed together. Though we were in time for the last opportunity to visit the ship, it was nothing like unique nor luxury.

The Trick Eye Museum (a 3D+AR studio) was our last choice because I didn’t feel like visiting the likes of Madame Tussaud after something lookalike at Ba Na Hills in Danang, Vietnam. Turned out we had some fun for the afternoon though the museum was rather old.

After leaving Sentosa Island, my sis and I made a shopping spree at Daiso in VivoCity before we parted ways. My sis went to see the Gardens by the Bay while I found my way to the Mayday concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium. As usual, I made another mistake with finding the right MRT line and it took me rather long to get to the right station. Luckily, the stadium was right outside the station and I still had time to check in and buy some snack for dinner.

The Singapore fans gave me some banners to cheer the band. They were so organized. I took the wrong seat at first, but later I still found my seat quite comfortable. Only at the end of the show did the fans behind come in front of me. The light stick was so much better than the band at the Coldplay’s concert earlier this year in Bangkok. And Mayday’s sponsor also gave us some gift (face masks I guessed).

Out of 3 gigs I attended this year, this was the best one. However, I missed the last song at 11:15pm as I was afraid that the MRT would stop operating. I kinda found myself and very few people on the last trains back to Chinatown.

Singapore, Day 1: Chinatown And Marina Bay

My sis accompanied on this trip because I told her that I might not come back to Singapore in the future. Actually, I’ve never intended to visit Singapore, but finally set foot here because of Mayday’s Life Tour.

Before this trip, I bought some services with Klook, including 4G SIM card, Sentosa FUN Pass, Sentosa Island Set Meal Coupon, and Sentosa Cable Car Sky Pass.

After landing in Changi Airport, I bought a Singapore Tourist Pass at some booth to top up for MRT/LRT. After 1 hour on the train, I reached the Chinatown area where I already booked a dorm bed with 5footway.inn. The room was much smaller than I thought, kinda 10m2 with 3 bunk beds.

We thought hard of what to eat for dinner. Then we found a crowded Chinese restaurant, but after we sat down, we realized that there was a lineup on the edge of the pavement. So embarrassed. We finally found a hotpot and barbecued restaurant to eat… noodles. Such a wrong choice. The Shaanxi fried noodles wasn’t my thing.

We decided to stroll around the Marina Bay and see some well-known spots like Marina Bay Skypark, Singapore Flyer, and luckily the light and water show by the bay at 9pm.

Even it was past 10pm, we still took a stroll around the Chinatown Night Market to see what they sold in the area. Before going to bed, I bought another bottle of fruit juice because it tasted good.