NOVEMBER 6, 2020

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Nếu như bạn chia tay liền đi Tây Tạng, có thể chữa thương; nếu như bạn độc thân liền đi Lệ Giang, có thể diễm ngộ; nếu như bạn thích ta, ắt cùng ta đi làm công.
如果你分手了就去西藏, 可以疗伤; 如果你单身就去丽江, 可以艳遇; 如果你喜欢我, 就来跟我一起打工。
If you break up, go to Tibet, you can heal; if you are single, go to Lijiang, you can have a romance; if you like me, come and work with me.

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JUNE 30, 2020

Người dân tộc Tạng thường nói: “Ai biết khi nào sẽ chết!” Điều này giống như Tony nói trong Green Book: “Mặc kệ làm gì, đều dốc hết toàn lực. Công việc ra công việc, cười ắt cười to, ăn cái gì cũng coi như là bữa ăn cuối cùng.”
藏族人常言:“谁知道啥时候死!”这跟《绿皮书》里托尼说的:“不管做什么,都要倾尽全力,工作就工作,笑就大笑,吃东西,就当是最后一顿吃。” 相当的契合。
Tibetans often say: “Who knows when we will die!” This is like what Tony said in Green Book: “Whatever you do, do it 100%. When you work, work. When you laugh, laugh. When you eat, eat like it’s your last meal.”

P.s.: Pictures taken in Ruoergai and Langmusi, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan and Gansu, China in 2019.

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Ngawa Tibetan And Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Day 15: Chengdu To Hanoi

At 8 in the morning, I went downstair to have breakfast at the hostel restaurant. But I opted for a dish of Taiwan rice instead of the buffet. I decided to stay inside for the whole morning because I’d get tired of waiting at the airport later.

I checked out of the hostel at noon, and got to the airport by metro. Because I was 1-hour early, I tool a stroll around the airport and took some pictures. It seemed to change a lot compared to the picture of 10 years ago in my memory.

I guessed Langmusi was the best place of my trip. I even preferred Langmusi to Danba, but there was no special place I’d like to return. Next time, I’d like to see more of China besides Sichuan.

Overall, I have traveled 1,756km on this Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture trip, sitting around 29 hours 22 minutes in a car or a bus. And according to Pedometer, I have walked 262,269 steps during these two weeks, rounding to 125km on feet fortnightly.

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Ngawa Tibetan And Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Day 14: Chengdu Shopping Spree And Wenshu Temple

Luckily for me, I could sleep well until 7AM because 2 girls checked in long before midnight yesterday. Because it was raining, I waited for a while then decided to go out shopping.

It took me an hour to get to Decathlon. It was my first time at such a big sport store in any country. I wanted to buy many things, but then decided to buy some small gifts and a 10-lit rucksack that can fold up into a small ball. I need extra storage for my stuff.

I also saw IKEA nearby so I dropped by to see why it was famous. Many people came here for a snack or lunch (?!) I also went into a mall and checked out Zara, H&M, Uniqlo stores, etc. But I didn’t buy anything.

In the afternoon, I visited the Wenshu Temple. I used to visit one of the street here 10 years ago but I wasn’t so sure. This area even seemed to be bigger than the Wuhou Temple area where I stayed.

After getting back to the hostel, I took a late afternoon stroll to the so-called Tibetan Quarter which was near. But there was nothing impressive.

I met 2 of my companions at the Jinli Street. I decided on trying the giant grilled squid after drooling a few times. And it was indeed very tasty.

Another one of the girls in the dorm room thought I was Hongkonger because of my English, except from the girl I met on the first night here.

Just figured out I was a lil bit too naive about the metro system. I didn’t need to buy separate tickets for connecting trains. It wasted time (queuing at ticket booths), and maybe money (the longer distance I went, the cheaper it was).

The Pedometer app said that I walked 30,471 (later 29,337) steps today.

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Ngawa Tibetan And Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Day 13: Chengdu Panda Base, Jinli Ancient Street, And Yulin Street

Though there was a girl checking in the room yesterday afternoon after me, I was still waken up at midnight by 2 others. They also switched the aircon to a temperature that made me hard to sleep again.

I tried the buffet breakfast. It cost me 15 yuans and was worth it. The Dien Bien girl then joined me for the panda tour opposite the hostel. Then I found out the code the hostel staff sent me was different from what other people in the bus had. Thank goodness, I got accepted no matter what.

The Chengdu Panda Base was very crowded today, unlike 10 years ago. It was very sunny, unlike 10 years ago when it had been raining nonstop. I had a better view this time, because I was in no rush. I could come back any time with any bus. But the heat stopped me from staying here past noon.

As Jinli Ancient Street didn’t seem as hot or crowded, I made a stroll around here. I was more attracted to the local street food than handicrafts and teahouses. I think I should pick something for dinner later here.

Taking a shower and change clothes, I went out alone to find the famous Yulin Street in the song Chengdu by Zhao Lei. Turned out I could walk there without taking metro. The street didn’t have anything prominent as I thought, but I found the old Little Bar and some good wall paintings.

When I was back to Jinli Street, I decide to eat pineapple sticky rice (the black one).

Too much walking today made me want to sleep early; however, the freelancer guy told me there would be a live music session happening downstairs at 8:30PM. So I decided to stay and another Chinese girl started talking to me and added me in WeChat. Thanks to the hostel’s music night, I enjoyed some of my fav Chinese songs like Chengdu, Baby До свидания, Hua.

According to Pedometer, I walked 31,497 steps today. I didn’t know that I walked more than I did at all the hikes in Sichuan this year.

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