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Purple star astrology, Zi wei dou shu

Purple Star Reading Cannot Be Computer-Calculated

Zi Wei Dou Shu, commonly referred to in English as Purple Star Astrology, is a form of fortune-telling in Chinese culture. The study of destiny is one of the five arts of Chinese metaphysics. Along with the Bazi chart, Zi Wei Dou Shu is one of the most renowned fortune-telling methods used in this study. Much like Western astrology, Zi Wei Dou Shu claims to use the position of the cosmos at the time of one’s birth to make determinations about personality, career and marriage prospects, and more.  

As you can see the computer-generated a Purple Star Astrology chart in the illustration, it only consists of basic reading of each major stars in the palaces. BUT, this reading is not complete, and somehow not right.

One of the habits of computers or beginners in this field is to blindly read off the chart and identify which star ends in which palace without applying the other techniques which are required as part of the analysis. There are several other techniques that one must appreciate before any form of meaningful analysis can be done, such as: the heaven – earth – man charts, major – minor – fleeting – transforming stars, brightness of the stars, alignment of stars etc.

To effectively analyze a Purple Star Astrology chart, you’ll need to be very familiar with the following:

– The 14 major stars used in Purple Star Astrology. This determines what your chart structure is, and which is crucial in determining the overall quality of your chart.

– The 97 other minor stars which include both your beneficial and destructive stars. For a chart to be of high grade, you’ll need beneficial stars to end up in the important palaces. But don’t worry much if you have many harmful stars, maybe you have a few fortunate ones to neutralize the badness. After all, many of us are just normal people.

– How to analyze the different 10-Year Fortune Phases and Annual Phases.

– Zi Wei Dou Shu analysis requires you to use your brain a lot more and think in even more abstract ways. Although it is seemingly easier to pick up because you can just read off which stars land where from a computer-generated chart, whether you truly apply it effectively is a different story.

Below is a Vietnamese chart which shows the correct element color of each star.

Purple star astrology, Zi wei dou shu

Purple Star Astrology Reading Should Be Cheaper Than You Thought

A few google phrases led me to the consultation prices on the market. I don’t think this reading would be as expensive as US$ 100 up to US$ 300, just to read your Destiny in general, or a 10-year fortune, or an annual fortune, sometimes not all but just one event alone, for just an hour of reading; especially if you end up thinking it not quite right for you or not useful in the long term. And the reading sometimes is not even written down on the paper for you to study later.

THAT’S WHY YOU NEED ME. My name is Ngoc Nga. I won’t brag about how expertise I am here. I’m a decent 41-year-old Vietnamese woman who happens to read quite a lot of Purple Star charts for my family, friends, and colleagues, both in English and my native tongue Vietnamese.  Because I’m a Buddhist, I believe in karma what you give is what you get returned. This is not my business, just what I do for fun, so I don’t charge any ridiculous astronomical amount of money.

Because I have got quite a few requests to read/analyze natal charts lately, please patiently wait for up to 72 hours for me to send you a detailed human-generated analysis of 20-25 page PDF in your email. (Please check out Spam/Junk box in case it been filtered).

MY READING/ANALYSIS IS ONLY AS CHEAP AS USD 300 USD 68.88Please pay via PayPal with a note to me: Purple Star Reading for <Your Name>. Thank you!

Simply click the link, enter an amount, log in to their PayPal account and done.

My Zi Wei Dou Shu Chart Reading / Analysis INCLUDES:


2. READING OF YOUR DESTINY IN GENERAL based on your time, date, and year of birth. I’ll check if your chart is suitable with your past and current life because sometimes your parents don’t really remember your exact time of birth. Then I’ll check if your birth date with yin yang wu xing (five elements).

3. PREDICT YOUR FUTURE DECADE OF DEATH by the Sui Jian and Longevity Cycles which you might think it consist a bit of fortune-telling. 

4. A DETAILED READING OF ALL 13 PALACES: Destiny, Parents, Fortune/Karma, Property, Career, Friends, Travel, Health, Wealth, Children, Marriage/Spouse, Siblings, and Body (the adult phase of your life). Note that the Body phase doesn’t have a separate palace in the chart.

5.  READING OF THE 6 INAUSPICIOUS & 4 TRANSFORMING STARS which are auxiliary stars but might play an important role in your destiny.

6. A DETAILED READING OF YOUR LUCK CYCLES FROM THE CURRENT AGE ONWARDS. Which of these decades should you shift your focus? Please provide if you particularly want to know about wealth, health, career, etc.

7. A QUICK RUNDOWN OF YOUR CURRENT LUCK PERIOD (YEAR 2023 OF RABBIT/CAT). You can check what will make you worry this year (health, parents, children, siblings, etc.)

8. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, A SET OF ADVICES DESIGNED ONLY FOR YOU based on your questions about life, should you change your focus or priority now, or how to turn a bad karma around, etc. 

All will be written down in a PDF file (about 20-25 pages) to be sent to your email within 72 hours after receiving your birth date, your questions, as well as your payment. Please provide your information in the form below.

Who Can Use My Service?

I’m sorry to have clearly state that NOT EVERYONE is suitable for this type of Purple Star Astrology reading, specifically:

– People that were born in the Southern Hemisphere, because as you might know people in the Southern part of Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, South Africa, and Antartica do not choose the Big Dipper as their guide to the night sky. Besides, the Chinese yin yang and five elements are only correct for the Northern Hemisphere.

Children under 1x (x differs from 2 to 6 depending on your phase). I agree with my master and other metaphysicians that children inherit their parents’ karma in the first phase of their lives, and should focus on study and develop themselves in this phase of life.

– People who don’t know their TIME of birth.

If you don’t fall in the 3 groups above, don’t hesitate to pay as little as USD 300 USD 68.88 now to get your Purple Star Astrology analyzed within 72 hours. Please fill in the form below. Or you can contact me via Facebook.

    Some Comments From My Clients

    My auntie said it (what you analyzed of my cousin's Purple Stars) was meaningful and was 80% correct.
    Kim Anh
    I think it fits me to some extent and falls in line with the readings made by other Purple Star readers I have consulted.

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