Naturally Beautiful

💁‍♀️💅🥤 Others try to lose weight in order to become beautiful. They only eat one meal a day, eat only … More

Moving On

🚶‍♂️💭 Nobody stands there waiting for you to come back when you regret it. // 没有人一直站在原地等着你,等着你后悔时回来。 Méiyǒu rén yīzhí zhàn … More

Rainy Day

🌧️❤️ This eve, the rain descends, invoking my longing, my heart it tends, In this very moment, echoes of yore, … More

Finding Balance

🏙️💫🏞️ Big cities can’t contain your physical presence, small towns can’t hold your soul. // 大城市装不下你的肉身,小城市放不下你的灵魂。 Dà chéngshì róng bùxià … More