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Nearly 50 Principles of Interpersonal Communication (Weibo)

1. The habit of being outspoken when you are a little close must be changed.
2. Replace “Do you understand?” with “Have I made myself clear?” more often.
3. If someone sends you a message, you must reply it. Even if you don’t want to, you can tell him so. Even if you use expressions or punctuation to euphemistically express yourself, it is not cold or ill-bred.
4. Don’t try to trade your secret for a friend.
5. I’ve seen tattooed men giving up their seats on buses, and I’ve seen beasts in suits and ties eating and drinking with embezzled money. In this era, it’s not necessarily a gentleman to dress beautifully and handsomely, and it’s not necessarily bad to dress very exposed. Don’t judge a book by its appearance.
6. The circles are different, so you don’t need to force them together.
7. Don’t tell a secret to the wind, the wind will blow it across the entire forest.
8. Don’t get to know anyone too quickly. Don’t think that you have many things in common or you are bosom friends who meet each other late when you first agree on a topic. Language is often false, what you experience together is true.
9. Don’t say what should not be said in front of people behind their back.
10. Use “thank you” instead of “thanks”. Although it is only one more word, it is much more sincere.
11. If a girl is popular among boys, it doesn’t mean much. If she is among girls, it’s really amazing.
12. A girl who smiles all day is always more lovable than a melancholy girl.
13. You should know how to be quiet when others are sleeping.
14. Don’t look at other people’s mobile phones without their consent.
15. When someone shows you a photo on their mobile phone, just look at it carefully, and don’t swipe to the next one.
16. Never get to know your girlfriend’s best friend, because her best friend doesn’t like you, you will break up, but her best friend likes you, you will still break up.
17. There are two kinds of people to trust: those who lend you money without saying anything; those who keep their promises to pay you back.
18. Don’t talk too deeply when you’re not well acquainted; don’t talk too harshly when you are.
19. McDull said: If there are things to say, don’t wait for the other party to comprehend, because the other person is not you, and don’t know what you want. Waiting until the end can only make you sad and disappointed, especially in love.
20. Speak with other people at three tenths, don’t show all your heart.
21. “What’s wrong” from most people’s mouth is just to satisfy their curiosity, and doesn’t mean they want to help you.
22. It is very impolite to break other people’s joy. You all must have experienced it.
23. When rejecting others, the simpler the better. It is obvious that others need your help, your long explanation turns into the feeling that you owe them. If you can help them, do so; if you can’t, refuse them. In interpersonal communication, simple and clear is sometimes the most appropriate. Only when you know how to refuse can you be free and easy.
24. Even if you meet a Mister or Miss Perfect, the eternal law of interpersonal relationship is to balance transactions. Never think about relying on anyone.
25. When someone tells you about something he likes, I hope you don’t disapprove it, because you are talking sincerely, you can’t say how bad the things they like are. Your straightforwardness is just selfish.
26. Go to someone else’s house, when they let you watch TV, you should leave. During the interview, if the boss’s feet keep shaking, it means that he is not interested in what you said; he stops shaking his legs, it means that he is now interested. The other party takes a deep breath while you are talking means that they don’t want to listen, and they are suppressing their emotions towards you.
27. Don’t make jokes with unfamiliar people. Neither with familiar ones.
28. Don’t show your dislike of someone in front of people you hate, and don’t speak ill of people you hate in front of people who know them.
29. Don’t make the first move with your close friend of the opposite sex.
30. Girls, don’t be too familiar with girls, I don’t know how to explain to you…
31. Don’t say cruel words to your friends. Harsh words hurt the most.
32. Please treat service industry personnel better.
33. Try to remember other people’s names when you meet for the first time.
34. Hold back the words that hurt others the most when you are extremely angry.
35. Don’t say cruel words and don’t do soft things.
36. Others can laugh at themselves, but you must never agree with them.
37. Most people don’t like outspoken comments.
38. Look a bit further, you won’t be sad.
39. Never believe in “women chase men, interlayer yarn” (which means that if a woman actively pursues men, the difficulty between the two is as simple as interlayer yarn).
40. Don’t complain every little things to others. There are very few people in this world who can empathize with you, most people are tired of listening, and a small number of people will promote it as a laughing stock everywhere.
41. When you are angry or full of negative emotions in your heart, don’t bring negative energy to others, let alone vent your anger. If you can’t do it, you’d better be alone when you are sad. Because not all people are your relatives and best friends, in others’ eyes, this is an act of spreading negative energy by you for no reason. As time goes by, others will be unwilling to approach you.
42. After you have a boyfriend, don’t cut off contact with all friends, because when your finally lose him, you will find out that you have nothing.
43. Never sneer at one’s efforts.
44. Tear it up if you want to. Don’t feel wronged.
(a) Treat a female/male pinup as an ordinary friend of the opposite sex, treat an ordinary friend of the opposite sex as a female/male pinup, your relationships will be much better.
(b) Don’t make excuses for doing something wrong, just admit your mistake.
(c) When sending a text message to a stranger, add “Sorry to disturb you”.
(d) When they stroll you online, don’t reply or discuss it. If you have to reply, tell them you are happy.
46. Don’t talk dirty to unfamiliar girls.
47. The most effective way to lose someone is to get too close.
48. Don’t force yourself to be a good person for the sake of relationships. Be a bad person who always does good things, not a good person who can’t do bad things.
49. No matter what fact I tell you, you won’t understand it when your mind doesn’t reach the same state or a level close to it, or when you haven’t experienced it. Or you might think you know this fact, but you actually don’t.

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