Yunnan 2023, Day 6: Potatso National Park

Yunnan 2023, Day 6: Potatso National Park

This morning, I went to visit the Potatso National Park in Shangri-La. The transfer bus to the inside of the park was the longest I’ve ever sit. The surrounding somehow reminded me of the Flower Lake (Hua Hu) in Ruoergai (Zoigê) which I visited in 2019. The elevation of this place was also the same, about 3,600m. But it was a pity I didn’t stroll a full round of the boardwalk.

After lunch, I said goodbye to the sunny and windy Shangri-La to get back to Lijiang by visiting the giant prayer wheel at the Guishan Park and the Shangri-la Inner Harmony Stupa of Pagoda.

When I got back to the same hotel in Lijiang, there was a crowd in front of the Huimin Supermarket. Turned out they were celebrating the International Children’s Day. I laughed when I heard children replying “shou ji” when they were asked what gift they wanted.

Tomorrow I’ll take the speed train for the first time in China to be back to Kunming.

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