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Taiwan, Day 3: Chiayi And Kaohsiung

The breakfast buffet was so bad that I was still hungry after that. Then the tour bus took an hour to Alishan in Chiayi where we visited a tea store. Didn’t know that tea could be so expensive. Though I opted not to buy tea, I still learned of how Taiwanese made and drink tea. Then the bus took us to another store where they sold Taiwanese fried fruits.

The more south we got, the worse were the meals. However, at least I could eat something, unlike some people on our tour who were more picky.

In the afternoon, we visited the Fo Guang Shan Temple in Kaohsiung. Earlier this year, we visited the replica one in Wollongong, Australia. In general, the main temples of these 2 were similar. The outsides were different. They both didn’t have a good impact on me except that the they were so big.

Then we visited the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas on the Lotus Pond. This place must be an overrated tourism place of this trip. There was almost nothing to see. The smell of stink tofu was the only thing that was left of this area.

Before dinner, we went to a store to make some pineapple tarts by ourselves. The experience was kinda good as I haven’t baked anything for quite some time. Saw some sunset at the Pier-2 Art Center near the Fisherman’s Wharf.

Though the room in the Hotel D had a good decoration and was bigger than the other previous 2, it only had a walking shower and not a bathtub.

The tour guide took us to the Liuhe Night Market and here we had the first milk tea at a Tea Top store. At this place, I found someone who resembled Jackie Chan and asked him to take some photos. Other group tour companions also mimicked my action though we all doubted that he was just a fake.

Last but not least, my bond with the others was tighter when we had lobsters and played cards together late at night.

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