Taiwan, Day 2: Nantou And Taichung

It was raining this morning when we wen to visit the Taipei center. Taiwan was prepping for the upcoming national day Oct 10 so I had an opportunity to visit some interesting flags at some government buildings. The fengshui store was another destination before we departed Taipei.

Sun Moon Lake in Nantou was a good place to relax. We enjoyed the scenic cruise ride around the lake with stories about Chang Kai-she and his lady Song Mei-ling and a glimpse of their resort by the lake.

Wenwu Temple was our next stop and it involved a little hiking. Then we visited a lingzhi mushroom store where we enjoyed a sip of its water and learned about some ethnic minorities in Taiwan.

Taichung hotpot dinner must have been my most fav meal of the trip. Which differentiate Taiwanese from Vietnamese hotpot was the machishao tasting like Japanese mochi. Didn’t know that I could have it with hotpot.

The City Suites Hotel in Taichung had a funny bathroom with a view to the beds. After checking in, when others took a cab to some night market, I asked my sis to go out like a Taiwanse. I meant, I preferred to go find a supermarket and see what/how the Taiwanse people buy, not like how the foreigners do. This could be our only time alone so this must have been my most fav time of the trip. We finally bought some gifts for our family.

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