Yunnan 2023, Day 2: Kunming To Dali

Yunnan 2023, Day 2: Kunming To Dali

I had breakfast early this morning despite lack of sleep. Luckily, the sour beef noodles wasn’t as spicy as in Sichuan. The lunch and dinner confirmed that, too. However, some dishes seemed to be very salty.

In the morning, the bus took 4 hours from Kunming to Dali. In Dali, I had the opportunity to visit Erhai Lake though the view wasn’t not similar to the one I saw in the drama “Meet Yourself” earlier this month. Then I also visit an old town called Xichou. This ancient town looked more like in drama though it was not the same, either.

The ancient wall of Dali looked spectacular in the late evening. It was fun cheering “Zhu ni sheng ri kuai le” with Chinese people down on the street when I heard them singing the birthday song up above a dormitory (I thought). Tomorrow, I’ll have another visit of the Ancient City Wall in Dali Old Town in the daylight.

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