Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Is Your Husband Sneaking Around Behind Your Back?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Is Your Husband Sneaking Around Behind Your Back?

Q: Is your husband sneaking around behind your back?

A: Is there a possibility that your husband is engaging in secretive activities without your knowledge? Below are some dangerous combinations in astrology. In Zi Wei Dou Shu, you can quickly compare and analyze your natal chart with his to identify any suspicious signs.

If the Career or Mental Palace contains Wen Qu and Tan Lang: If Tan Lang and Wen Qu are located in the Career Palace, he might engage in extramarital affair only once in his lifetime. However, when they stay in the Mental Palace, he will not only be involved in secret activities, but also have a love child and keep that secret until the end.

If your Spouse Palace contains Tai Yin and is also situated in the Dragon, Snake, Horse, or Sheep Palace: Your other half tends to fall in love easily with whoever comes his way. In the past, he might have had a painful love affair. It is challenging to ensure that there won’t be any more “unspeakable secrets.”

If his Children Palace in his natal chart has Hua Ji: Be cautious! Individuals with such a combination in their birth chart are prone to spending their money to support a lover. You need to manage and monitor him more closely.

If his natal chart has the 4 transforming star entering the Spouse Palace: People with such natal chart are not only involved in cheating, but their secret affairs might also prolong. Despite your efforts to sever ties, they might still hold onto each other, and there’s a high chance of someone new replacing the old one!

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