Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Natal Chart Is Prone to Workplace Romance?

Q: Which natal chart is prone to workplace romance?

A: When work becomes the center of life, romantic relationships can easily take a back seat, and colleagues often become the closest people to us. Over time, it’s natural for romantic feelings to develop.

For individuals with both Zi Wei and Qi Sha in their Destiny Palace, the workplace can be a fertile ground for romance.

Those with these two stars in the same palace usually have a strong drive for career success and are highly focused on their achievements. After work, they tend to be active, engaging in various activities and building a diverse network of friends from all walks of life. However, because they tend to be suspicious and enjoy control, they often lament, “I have many friends, but very few close ones.” Their competitive nature, coupled with a lack of security, and a desire for control often lead to high expectations in their romantic relationships, making it challenging for others to approach them. Consequently, they are at risk of becoming successful single professionals who seek love within the workplace. As a result, when they feel lonely and empty, many of their colleagues with whom they interact daily can easily become the recipients of their affections, gradually giving rise to workplace romance.

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