Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A- How Does Each Major Star Love Wealth?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How Does Each Major Star Love Wealth?

Q: How does each major star love wealth?

A: Money is not everything, but without money, one can’t accomplish anything. What significance does wealth have for each major star?

Zi Wei: For you, wealth represents status, position, and power. The more, the better!

Tian Fu: You enjoy the pleasure of spending money but might be a bit lazy when it comes to earning it. There’s a contradiction in your attitude toward money.

Wu Qu: You are very persistent on the path to wealth, a characteristic of those who are determined to seek prosperity.

Tian Xiang: Money may or may not matter to you. You find more joy in the process of accumulating wealth than in having it readily available.

Qi Sha: Being naturally inclined towards heroic and righteous actions, you prefer using money for such endeavors.

Po Jun: You firmly believe in the saying “out with the old, in with the new.” Enjoying the pleasures of spending money is something you excel at.

Lian Zhen: For you, not bowing down for a mere five bags of rice is unimaginable. You are willing to take risks for money.

Tan Lang: Maintaining social relationships requires a significant amount of money for you. Therefore, your financial needs constantly increase.

Tian Ji: What you like is not money itself but the idea of making money through innovative thoughts.

Tai Yin: Money is the source of all feelings of security for you. However, you may lack the ability to take action when it comes to earning it.

Tian Tong: You pursue harmony and may not calculate everything in terms of money.

Tian Liang: Wealth, for you, is external. You work to earn money solely for the sake of your family.

Ju Men: You are both passionate about money and hungry for fame. You seek ways for money to bring you recognition, and recognition to bring you wealth.

Tai Yang: You have no concept of numbers, making you a “God of Wealth passing through.”

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