Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How Do 14 Major Stars Win In Stock Investment?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How Do 14 Major Stars Win In Stock Investment?

Q: How do 14 major stars win in stock investment? 📊⭐📈

A: Initiators like Qi Sha, Po Jun, Lian Zhen, and Tan Lang, with their ambitious and daring nature, may experience fluctuations in the stock market due to their risk-taking tendencies. For them, it’s crucial to grasp the overall market trend, and in unfavorable situations, they should promptly accept losses rather than risking everything.

Leaders like Zi Wei, Tian Fu, Wu Qu, and Tian Xiang, exhibit a cautious attitude in grasping market trends and comprehensive analysis. However, this cautious approach may limit their profit potential, so it’s advisable for them to take more calculated risks.

Supporters like Tai Yang, Ju Men, and Tian Ji are skilled at analysis but often lack decisiveness in practical actions. They tend to wait for perfect opportunities, and the advice for them is to speak less and act more, seizing opportunities promptly.

Collaborators like Tai Yin, Tian Liang, and Tian Tong, prefer working with others, sometimes leading to a lack of assertiveness. When the market is bullish, they should continue buying and let others manage on their behalf.

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