Yunnan 2023, Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City To Kunming

Yunnan 2023, Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City To Kunming

It took me more than 12 hours to reach Kun Ming airport after midnight of May 28. The flight to Kunming was delayed 12 hours due to bad weather. The snack on board of the China Eastern wasn’t really to my delight. I was hoping for pasta or spaghetti instead.

The customs at China seemed to be a lot slower than before the covid-19 outbreak. Their officers took 3 times to examine my face. Either my new passport image didn’t look like me, or because it was new. There were many people in my group tour was like that, too, which made the wait seemed forever.

It was a lot cooler and dryer in Kunming compared to Ho Chi Minh City. The airport hotel we checked in to called my room at 2:30 AM to get me down for a photo taken despite they already kept my passport. What a tiring day and night.

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