Australia, Day 2: The First Feel Of Sydney

After sitting for more than 8 hours, unable to sleep because of the cold, the “Pay To Play” airline took me to the destination. My big bro picked us up and drove us to his home.

I kinda liked the mix of ancient and modern architecture of this urban city. In the car, I crossed the Sydney Harbor Bridge and saw the Opera House too. The suburb of my brother’s home had many trees which made me feel like Da Lat.

First off, I tried some Australian food prepared by my sis-in-law as I was as hungry as a wolf. Then I went to the pool to see my big nephew learn to swim. After that, he showed me how he played the piano and games (toys, chess, rubic, puzzle, and scrabble).

Now it’s time to make up for the loss of sleep. Did I have a jet lag?

P.s.: Picture taken in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in 2018.

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