Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Leader Will You Have Trouble With?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Leader Will You Have Trouble With?

Q: Which leader will you have trouble with? 👀🌐🤔

A: In the eyes of the Qi Sha boss, the Ju Men employee is perceived as someone who prioritizes flashiness over practical work skills.

The Tian Ji employee, with their intricate arguments in front of the Po Jun boss, tends to become verbose, wasting time, and gradually causing the leader to feel bored.

Tai Yang employee’s tendency to handle everything independently, seen as a competitive spirit by the Lian Zhen boss, becomes a display of self-promotion that makes the boss uncomfortable.

The Tian Tong employee, always content, is viewed by the Tan Lang boss as lacking ambition to advance.

The Wu Qu employee, preferring their own methods, often annoys the Zi Wei boss, who enjoys controlling every aspect.

The perfectionist Tai Yin employee, working under the Tian Fu boss who prioritizes efficiency, finds it challenging to be appreciated.

The Tian Fu employee’s aversion to working according to rules irks the Wu Qu boss, leading to frequent bouts of anger.

The ambitious Zi Wei employee, if showcasing arrogance and defiance towards the Tian Xiang boss, is likely to provoke the leader’s anger.

The Po Jun employee, often arguing with the boss, creates humiliation for the Tai Yang boss, who values a more commanding approach, deepening the conflict.

The verbose Tian Liang employee, clashing with the straightforward Ju Men boss, causes resentment due to their preference for direct communication.

The frank Qi Sha employee dissatisfies the Tian Ji boss, who emphasizes thoughtful actions.

The Tan Lang employee’s preference for working alone angers the Tai Yin boss, valuing teamwork.

The talkative Tian Xiang employee, focusing more on words than actions, is seen by the Tian Liang boss as someone flashy and pretentious, lacking proper execution.

The competitive and arrogant Lian Zhen employee offends the Tian Tong boss during interactions, causing the superior to feel deeply offended.

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