Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: When Tian Tong Enters The Wealth Palace, What Kind Of Wealth Can One Expect?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: When Tian Tong Enters The Wealth Palace, What Kind Of Wealth Can One Expect?

Q: When Tian Tong enters the Wealth palace, what kind of wealth can one expect?

A: Tian Tong, belonging to the Water + element in the Yin Yang and Five Elements, is a star associated with literary talent and longevity. Individuals with the Tian Tong are gentle, optimistic, but not very proactive. They face challenges without much worry, live comfortably and contently, and are easy to approach and down-to-earth. They enjoy doing good deeds, are satisfied with themselves, have affinity, and are harmonious in communication.

As the ruler of the Mental palace, Tian Tong emphasizes pleasure and enjoying life. While they maintain stable emotions, they tend to be passive, conservative, talk more than they act, and lack the will to strive for more. They desire blessings but lack the determination to progress or open up new perspectives, making them less suitable for the Wealth palace. Therefore, if only Tian Tong is present in the Wealth palace without support from other favorable stars, it may not be suitable for business ventures and offers fewer business opportunities.

When Tian Tong is in the Wealth palace, individuals must earn money through their own efforts, requiring significant financial investment. However, their fortune is strong, and if they endure hardships in their youth, they won’t lack wealth. In old age, they can enjoy blessings. However, if they indulge too much in comfort and fail to strive, good luck may be hard to come by.

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