Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: What To Avoid In A Job Interview?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: What To Avoid In A Job Interview?

Q: What to avoid in a job interview?

A: Tai Yin should avoid answering questions with a lack of confidence, hesitancy, or indecisiveness.

Tian Liang should steer clear of providing answers that are not entirely truthful and contain hidden details. They should be aware that employers have a keen eye for such responses.

Tian Tong should absolutely refrain from hastily inquiring about salary and compensation during the interview.

Tian Ji should overcome their tendency to see people of higher status as potential superiors without distinguishing the right moments for such recognition. This is a significant factor contributing to their failure.

Ju Men should never exhibit their straightforward and sometimes pushy personality, nor adopt a confrontational or pressuring attitude during the interview.

Tai Yang should avoid demonstrating their habit of shouldering too much responsibility.

Wu Qu should be cautious about undermining the idea of teamwork during the interview.

Tian Xiang should be careful not to overly boast about their capabilities during the interview, which might lead to immediate rejection by employers.

Lian Zhen should avoid presenting themselves as overly confident, self-reliant, and underestimating others.

Tian Fu should not hastily dismiss opportunities due to impatience.

Zi Wei is least favorable when they come across as stubborn and arrogant. Leaving the interviewers with an impression that being compliant is not necessarily a bad trait.

Tan Lang is least favored during job interviews when they expose their emphasis on money and wealth over personal development.

Qi Sha should be cautious about neglecting details and potentially alienating the employer.

Po Jun is least favorable in job interviews when their responses are overly blunt and lack observation.

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