Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: What Negative Traits Should You Change?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: What Negative Traits Should You Change?

Q: What negative traits should you change? 🤔✨👎

A: During moments of sadness or anger, humans tend to make mistakes and hurt others, especially those close to them. Regret comes too late after realizing the consequences. Therefore, recognizing your own negative traits early on allows you to control yourself in similar situations, preventing feelings of remorse.

Zi Wei, when in a bad mood, becomes like a deflated ball, sitting quietly and unresponsive to anyone’s words.

Wu Qu, when unhappy, has a fiery and impulsive temper, and straightforward remarks can easily offend others.

Lian Zhen, when facing troubling situations, tends to emit high emotional energy, making them impatient in their actions, leading to neglect of important matters.

Tian Fu, when feeling unhappy, wears an unpleasant expression, as if everyone owes them money, and often remains silent and sullen.

Tian Xiang, when unhappy, seems to ignore others, and they are prone to harshly scold those who speak while they are upset.

Qi Sha, when in a bad mood, likes to be alone. If disturbed by others, they respond coldly, and sometimes even snap at others to be silent.

Po Jun, when in a bad mood, appears like a poisonous snake, turning away and not acknowledging acquaintances.

Tan Lang, when unhappy, becomes unusually silent. If you touch them, they will definitely shift all the blame onto you.

Tai Yang, when feeling frustrated without an outlet, will definitely find an opportunity to vent, possibly causing conflicts and arguments with anyone.

Ju Men, in normal times, can be harsh. When unhappy, they become even more provocative, deliberately seeking trouble.

Tai Yin, usually quiet, becomes unusually temperamental when in a bad mood, and everyone can tell they are upset.

Tian Liang is quick to vent their anger onto others when not happy. If they find even a slight reason, they will scold others relentlessly.

Tian Ji, usually quick-witted, becomes emotionally numb when unhappy, rendering all actions ineffective.

Tian Tong, when not in a good mood, becomes highly emotional, and no one can comfort them.

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