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Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How To Capture The Attention Of Different Customers?

Q: How to capture the attention of different customers? 🎯🤝🌐

A: Customers are like gods, and to retain familiar customers, we must know how they like to be served. Different major stars have different preferences, and understanding these preferences is key to providing excellent service.

Zi Wei customers like to feel pampered and elevated. Allow them to make their own choices, then compliment them with words like “You have a discerning eye.” This can easily secure their favor for their next visit.

Tian Ji appreciates conversation and bargaining. If the service staff remains patient, genuine, and even offers a small gift, it is sure to delight them.

Tai Yang prefers sincere and trustworthy service. As long as they get genuine and authentic products, they will appreciate and support both you and your store.

Wu Qu customers typically enter the store with a clear idea of what they want to buy. Display a friendly and patient attitude while presenting each item to them one by one, and they will appreciate the attention.

Tian Tong demands “attentive service.” If the service staff treats them as they would treat friends, it can touch them to the point of making purchases they didn’t initially intend.

Lian Zhen prefers versatile service and the ability to call anytime.

Tian Fu appreciates service staff who think for the customers. If the staff reminds them to handle their belongings carefully while browsing, they will be deeply moved.

Tai Yin requires trust when making a purchase. If the service staff persistently introduces various products, assists them friendly in decision-making, they will become your customers.

Tan Lang likes neatly dressed service staff with harmonious clothing colors and an open personality.

Ju Men appreciates service staff who don’t impose any pressure, silently accompany them, and are good listeners.

Tian Xiang likes polite, gentle service staff with professional product introductions.

Tian Liang likes service staff who can introduce them to promotions or discounted products, making them feel friendly.

Qi Sha likes quick-witted service staff who can promptly find the exact product they request.

Po Jun, when shopping, likes to follow their inspiration. If the service staff can understand their thoughts and provide detailed information about products that catch their interest, they will win their favor.

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