Discoveries Of December 2021

Today, I bid farewell to my 30s.

Summarizing the 3 things I dropped out in these 10 years were watching American shows, watching physical sports (like football + tennis + MotoGP, etc.), and stocking up on paper books. The 3 things I’ve picked up instead are watching Chinese shows (for a purpose), watching chess, and reading ebooks.

The 3 things I used to quit at the 20s and tried again in the 30s are learning Chinese, swimming pools, and… a secret (let me talk about it in a later post).

What made December 2021 satisfactory to me was the 5th Chess Championship that Magnus Carlsen earned on Dec 10. Unluckily, he failed to protect his gold medals in the World Rapid and Blitz Championship. Heavy was the head that wears 3 crowns.

Den (a Vietnamese rapper) released a song called “Bring Mom money” that moved me from A to Z. This song so reminded me of my late mom.

“Good thing I found my path in endless possibilities.
Good thing I was born into poverty to know money doesn’t grow on trees.”

I’ve started celebrating the New Year (and Lunar New Year) quite soon, even before Christmas. I’ve eaten Vietnamese square sticky rice cake, beef hotpot, and sunflower seeds. I eat a lot to maintain my weight. In 2021, my only resolution was to exercise more. Yes, I kept it. This year was worse than the previous one, so I still dare not to try a new goal.

Last but not least, I hope that the covid-19 pandemic will end soon.
2022 is coming soon, and for a 40-year-old person, there is infinite scenery everywhere.
2022 nián jíjiāng lái dào, duìyú yīgè 40 suì de rén lái shuō shì rénjiān chùchù fēngguāng wúxiàn.
2022 niên tức tương lai đáo, đối vu nhất cá 40 tuế đích nhân lai thuyết thị nhân gian xử xử phong quang vô hạn.
Năm 2022 sắp tới, đối với một người 40 tuổi mà nói thì phong cảnh trần gian vô tận.
Happy New Year 2022!

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