Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Who is Your Ideal Leader?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Who Is Your Ideal Leader?

Q: Who is your ideal leader?

A: In the workplace, everyone has their own personality. Choosing a superior who suits you is essential for showcasing your hidden talents. Otherwise, you might just sit there lamenting, “I have talent but no opportunity.”

There is a saying, “It’s better to make a wise person wiser than to make a fool feel smarter.” Choosing the right boss when working can enhance the development of your talents. Your success rate will also be higher.

Qi Sha, without challenges and not caring about details, the best choice is a kind and strict Zi Wei leader.

Po Jun is straightforward and honest, but the assertive nature of Po Jun will harmonize well with a lenient-hearted boss Tian Fu.

Lian Zhen has a fresh mindset but is rich in self-respect and pride. Under the flexible management of a Tian Xiang leader, employees will not feel pressured.

Zi Wei is calm, but with the tendency to set excessively high demands while not having strong capabilities, under the guidance of a Tan Lang boss, meticulous supervision can avoid the frequent pursuit of shortcomings.

Tian Fu is optimistic but lacks motivation. Only under the management of a Qi Sha boss can the positive qualities of Tian Fu be brought out.

Wu Qu is hardworking but lacks flexibility in dealing with others. Under the leadership of Po Jun, this will benefit the expression of their strengths.

Tian Xiang is cautious but lacks determination. They can be compensated and supported by the superior Lian Zhen, who is filial and competitive.

Ju Men has good understanding but is easy to rely on talent and be arrogant and contemptuous of others. The superior Tian Xiang will know how to regulate their temper.

Tian Ji often thinks comprehensively and meticulously but lacks the motivation to take action. Under the assertive leadership of Wu Qu, they can be driven forward.

Tai Yin works methodically but is prone to pessimism. Only under the enthusiastic encouragement of superior Tai Yang will they have the motivation to progress.

Tian Liang is mature and calm but overly conservative, lacking enthusiasm. They will complement well with the superior Tian Ji, who likes to dream.

Tian Tong often lacks patience at work. Under the scrutiny of the superior Ju Men, who always seeks flaws, they will be compelled to work diligently.

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