Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Women Prioritize Their Careers Before Starting A Family?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Women Prioritize Their Careers Before Starting A Family?

Q: Which women prioritize their careers before starting a family?

A: As the world gets more advanced, many women today are becoming more independent. Among them, there are those who prefer not to rely on a partner and want to make efforts to build a career for themselves before considering marriage.

Qi Sha: Among the 14 main stars, women with the Qi Sha personality are the most independent and self-reliant. They have significant ambitions in their careers, and they only start thinking about finding someone to lean on when they have achieved success in their profession.

Po Jun: Women with the Po Jun personality are less flirtatious, and they don’t use their emotions to solve work-related matters. Instead, they devote their energy and focus to their work. They only start thinking about marriage after having some success in their careers.

Lian Zhen: Women with the Lian Zhen personality cherish their freedom and don’t want to be tied down by romantic relationships. Moreover, they strive to improve themselves to meet a more outstanding man. As a result, they increasingly become part of the group of women who “prefer success over marriage.”

Zi Wei: Women with the Zi Wei personality like to position themselves as “queens.” They don’t want to rely on men and constantly strive to gain the respect and admiration of everyone. They only willingly enter married life when they meet a man who surpasses them in excellence.

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