Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Star Will Change Himself for Love?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Star Will Change Himself for Love?

Q: Which star will change himself for love?

A: In love, everyone often laments, “Love is easy, but living together for the long term is difficult.” In reality, if both sides can be accommodating and willing to compromise with each other, many conflicts can be resolved. The following types of men are relatively willing to compromise in front of their partners:

Qi Sha: Men with the Qi Sha are wholeheartedly dedicated to love. They believe that changing oneself for the sake of the loved one is a natural thing to do. However, if you want them to change according to your wishes, you should choose a time when both of your emotions are at their strongest. Skillfully navigate the situation, or else, waiting until the intensity of their emotions has passed will make it very difficult for them to change.

Lian Zhen: For those who are proud and arrogant like the Lian Zhen, getting them to change is a challenging task. However, they are not devoid of reason. If they sense your deep and genuine love, they will naturally be willing to change for you.

Wu Qu: In romantic matters, men with Wu Qu can be quite stubborn. Yet, they are also very rational. If their changes can make the love between you two even more profound, they will agree to give change a try.

Ju Men: Men with Ju Men may outwardly firmly oppose your opinions, but after a dispute, they will ponder over it and silently attempt to change themselves.

Tian Ji: To safeguard their interests, those with the Tian Ji will vehemently object to your suggestions at the beginning of the relationship. However, if you get upset or even hurt because of that, they will immediately agree to comply with your requests.

Tai Yin: Men with Tai Yin care deeply about their partner’s feelings. They will obey the requests you put forward.

Tian Tong: With a gentle and amiable nature, those with Tian Tong won’t overthink things. If you tell them you want them to change, they will willingly do so.

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