Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Major Stars Alway Turns Off Their Mobile Phone When They Have Nothing To Do?

Q: Which major stars alway turns off their mobile phone when they have nothing to do?

A: Although mobile phones have become a popular and convenient means of communication, some people don’t like to turn on their phones. Let’s take a look at why they turn off their phones.

Po Jun people do whatever they feel like doing and their temperament fluctuates frequently. They turn off their phones for no particular reason, just because they feel like it.

Lian Zhen people have a sense of insecurity, so they don’t want others to track their whereabouts at any time. However, they also don’t want to miss any important information. Therefore, they only maintain their phone’s status as “on” when they feel that there may be important information.

Tai Yin people are very afraid of conflict, but they also don’t want to offend others. Therefore, when they want to be quiet, the safest way is to turn off their mobile phones.

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