Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How To Use Plants To Change Your Career Luck?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How To Use Plants To Change Your Career Luck?

Q: How to use plants to change your career luck?

A: Qi Sha: Snake plants can boost your confidence and enhance your charisma in your career.

Po Jun: Cactus plants can inspire your fighting spirit and help you achieve new heights in your career.

Lian Zhen: Wallace Yew trees can calm your mind in urgent situations and help you maintain your determination.

Tan Lang: Snapdragon plants can improve your sensitivity, leading your career to greater success.

Zi Wei: Dragon’s blood plants can sharpen your mind and provide clarity, enabling you to make more accurate judgments.

Tian Fu: Dumb Cane plants can make you more resolute in decision-making, strengthening your career path.

Wu Qu: Golden barrel cactus plants can bring financial luck and boost your business endeavors.

Tian Xiang: Canna lily plants can enhance your advantages and bring you more luck.

Tai Yang: Pomegranate trees can make your thinking more flexible and help you harness energy within yourself.

Ju Men: Aloe Vera plants can absorb harmful substances from the air, making your thinking clearer.

Tian Ji: Calathea roseopicta plants play an important role in keeping your mind alert and making the right decisions.

Tian Liang: Pistachio trees can stimulate a youthful attitude, opening up new avenues in your career.

Tian Tong: Stone Lotus plants can brighten your mood, improving the quality of your work.

Tai Yin: Orchid plants have a soothing effect on relieving work-related stress and boosting your work spirit.

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