Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Is Your Natal Chart Compatible with a Cougar Relationship?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Is Your Natal Chart Compatible with a Cougar Relationship?

Q: Is your natal chart compatible with a cougar relationship?

A: With increasing social acceptance of relationships where the woman is older than the man, many people are open to this type of love. However, from a medical and physiological perspective, older women being with younger men is generally suitable for health. If your birth chart truly aligns with this type of relationship, then why let society’s judgment take away your happiness?

Men with Tian Tong in the Destiny Palace: Men with Tian Tong are like playful boys who need care and affection from others. Finding a cougar as a partner is most suitable for them.

Men with Zi Wei in the Destiny Palace: Men with Zi Wei are regal and enjoy being admired by others. They also have the potential to love someone older because older women tend to be more nurturing and understanding of their temperaments.

Men with Tai Yin in the Destiny Palace: These men often don’t resist active signals of love from women and are likely to be courted by cougars.

Women with Qi Sha, Po Qun, Tan Lang in the Destiny Palace: These women are typically talented and successful in their careers. They are also known for their non-traditional personalities and have the ability to break societal norms to build a cougar relationship.

Women with Tian Fu in the Destiny Palace: Women with the Thiên Phủ star have strong personalities hidden behind a gentle exterior. They know how to take care of others and with their persuasive nature, finding a slightly younger partner is very suitable.

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