Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How Will You Handle The Storm Of Layoffs?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How Will You Handle The Storm Of Layoffs?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q: How will you handle the storm of layoffs? 🌪️💼💪

A: A person who is eager to learn and accumulate wealth, likeTan Lang, even if their name is on the list for downsizing, will continue working as before. However, they are already mentally prepared for the next step.

Tai Yang: Enthusiastic individuals like Tai Yang, upon hearing unwanted news about downsizing, console their coworkers on one hand and quietly plan an escape route on the other.

Ju Men: Upon hearing that they might have to “pack up and leave,” Ju Men will find it hard to eat, sleep, and may even suspect that someone is plotting against them behind their back.

Tai Yin: Introverted individuals like Tai Yin will conceal their inner anxiety but hope to receive comfort from their friends.

Tian Liang: At first glance, Tian Liang may act as if nothing is wrong, but in reality, they have already prepared an exit plan.

Tian Ji: Individuals who are naturally sensitive and compassionate, like Tian Ji, will be concerned about their own situation and empathetic towards coworkers who may be at risk of losing their jobs.

Tian Tong: Someone at ease with themselves, like Tian Tong, will calmly face the prospect of downsizing. They might start by granting themselves an extended holiday, followed by actively seeking new job opportunities with an optimistic spirit.

Zi Wei: Naturally stable and strong-willed, even when confronted with job loss, Zi Wei will utilize their leadership qualities. First, they will comfort everyone around them, then contemplate their next steps.

Po Jun: Individuals who continuously pursue creativity and innovation, like Po Jun, won’t be significantly affected by downsizing. They lost interest in their work long before it became a reality.

Lian Zhen: A proud Lian Zhen will find it challenging to imagine being on the downsizing list. They will express frustration about the company’s unfair treatment and reluctantly look for an exit.

Wu Qu: Responsible individuals like Wu Qu, even if they anticipate being on the downsizing list, will continue to excel in their professional duties. Afterward, they’ll diligently search for a suitable alternative job.

Qi Sha: Qi Sha’s strength is finding an exit when there seems to be none. For them, downsizing could be an excellent opportunity to seek a breakthrough.

Tian Xiang: Meticulous and thorough in all things, if Tian Xiang finds themselves on the downsizing list, they will feel restless. However, they will calmly reflect on where they might have made mistakes.

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