Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How Will People With Different Major Star Spend Money?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How Will People With Different Major Star Spend Money?

Q: How will people with different major star spend money?

A: An individual’s spending habits are not only determined by their financial status, but also by their personality. It is not necessary that a person with a lot of money would spend it lavishly. While some individuals prefer to scrutinize prices before making a purchase, others may aspire to acquire high-end products.

Zi Wei: People belonging to the Zi Wei are very concerned about the feeling that luxury goods bring, so for them, the price is just a fictional number, what they like is what really matters.

Tan Lang: People belonging to the Tan Lang are indiscriminate consumers. Whether it’s a high-end brand or a cheap item on the side of the road, they all have them in their hands.

Po Jun: People belonging to the Po Jun know how to be very economical. However, when they spend extravagantly, it will also surprise you.

Qi Sha: People belonging to the Qi Sha are very practical and willing to spend a large amount of money to buy good things, even if they feel that the price is too high, they will only bargain and not choose inferior products.

Wu Qu: People belonging to the Wu Qu have the clearest idea about spending, and they like to buy good things at a low price.

Tian Liang: People belonging to the Tian Liang are very image-conscious. If buying expensive items can make them more glamorous, they will not hesitate to spend money. But if they can afford it at a lower price, they’ll like it even more.

Tai Yang: People belonging to the Tai Yang are the most popular among sellers because they almost do not care about the price of goods.

Tian Tong: People belonging to the Tian Tong are optimistic and the price of goods may limit their spending, but it cannot help them limit consumption.

Tian Xiang: They are conservative in spending. If the product or brand is familiar to them, they do not pay attention to the price, but if the brand is not good, no matter how low the price is, they will not be tempted.

Tai Yin: They have a strong will and do not hesitate to compare prices at various stores.

Ju Men: People belonging to the Ju Men cannot resist the recommendations of experts. In that case, no matter how much the price is, they are willing to pay.

Tian Ji: People born under the Tian Ji are very intelligent, have clear spending principles like Tai Yin, and they often calculate, bargain and compare prices.

Lian Zhen: People born under the Lian Zhen are not concerned about the high or low price, but rather the inherent value of the product. If they discover an item that is not worth buying, they will immediately turn around and leave.

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