Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How Do 14 Major Stars Refuse To Lend Money?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: How Do 14 Major Stars Refuse To Lend Money?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q: How do 14 major stars refuse to lend money? 🌟🙅‍♂️💵

A: Zi Wei: As an emperor, they have the full right to be straightforward, “I don’t have it, or you can borrow from someone else, like Mr. A or Mr. B.”

Tian Ji: In challenging situations, they’ll calmly resolve it, “I can empathize with you, but I don’t have the money!”

Tai Yang: They’ll elaborate extensively to prove they truly lack funds, but they’ll also teach you how to make one dollar as effective as two!

Wu Qu: “We are all adults, we have to rely on ourselves for everything, you should be self-reliant!”

Tian Tong: If their reasons aren’t persuasive enough, they’ll keep explaining until you believe there’s truly no way for them to lend you money.

Lian Zhen: “Are you kidding? You should know my salary is even lower than yours. I can barely support myself!”

Tian Fu: Typically generous, finding an excuse is not a problem for them, “Oh, it’s not that I don’t want to lend you, but recently, I’ve been burning through my wallet. It’s truly a tough time!”

Tai Yin: They are compassionate and considerate. Even if they can’t lend you money, they’ll negotiate with you, “Look, I’m really tightening my belt these days!”

Tan Lang: Skilled in communication, even when refusing, they’ll say, “Wait until this period passes, and I’ll have money to lend you!”

Ju Men: They will assertively say, “I’ve even resorted to selling my blood. What other means do I have to lend you?”

Tian Xiang: Tactfully, he will invite you for a meal and then his wife will constantly whisper next to him, “At any cost, you have to buy me that leather jacket back!”

Tian Liang: Those who like to show off like Tian Liang will slowly tell you, “I’ll check with my friend to borrow money; if that doesn’t work, I’ll explore other options.”

Qi Sha: They will be straightforward, explaining that they don’t have money lately, leaving you with no chance to confide.

Po Jun: They’ll first explain in detail their serious economic difficulties and the genuine lack of funds. If you persist, they might even turn away from you!

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