One Sided Love

🚶‍♀️💔 Walking towards his direction, I kept going and going, only to find myself standing behind him in the end. … More

No Connection

🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️🌇 Our relationship is like Shanghai’s Nanjing Road and Nanjing’s Shanghai Road. It may sound similar and intimate, but in … More

Small Mishaps

🌈✨🍀 May all your troubles be small mishaps. // 愿你的一切烦恼都是小事故。 Yuàn nǐ de yīqiè fánnǎo dōu shì xiǎo shìgù. // … More

Eau De Poverty

🤣💧💰 #UniqueScent #PovertyFragrance #SenseOfHumor My body odor could inspire a fragrance called “Eau de Poverty”. // 我的体味可以出一款香水叫穷酸味。 Wǒ de tǐwèi … More

Buy In Installments

☕🥥💰 #FamilyDecision #Indulgence #InstallmentPlan After discussing with my family for a long time, I decided to buy a cup of … More