Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: What Are The Friends That You Should Be Cautious About?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: What Are The Friends That You Should Be Cautious About?

Q: What are the friends that you should be cautious about? ⭐👥🧐

A: Being betrayed by friends can catch us off guard, leaving us with regret for having associated with the wrong companions. In reality, individuals prone to betraying friends have inherent traits related to this aspect of their personality, depending on the unique characteristics of each zodiac sign. When forming connections with such individuals, it is essential to be more mindful to avoid being betrayed by friends.

Lian Zhen friends: Appearing outwardly vulnerable, Lian Zhen friends often evoke a protective instinct in others. However, deep down, they are calculative and won’t hesitate to employ cunning tactics to achieve their goals. In their eyes, friends can sometimes become tools for exploitation. Therefore, exercise caution when befriending Lian Zhen individuals.

Zi Wei friends: As natural leaders, Zi Wei individuals naturally seek friends with strong qualities. However, if they encounter friends with exceptional talents that could threaten their position, they absolutely cannot keep them close. The more capable you are, the more likely you become a target they want to eliminate.

Wu Qu friends: Born with an inclination toward solitude, Wu Qu individuals are challenging to approach. Their strong-willed nature makes them disdainful of deceitful tactics. However, their intense ambition for wealth and power can lead them to gradually discard the interests of friends to achieve their goals. If given the opportunity, they might prioritize their own ambitions over friendship.

Ju Men friends: Known for being outspoken, Ju Men individuals cannot keep secrets for long. Therefore, the principle when befriending Ju Men is never to reveal your secrets to them.

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