Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Day 6: Tagong Grassland

We woke up early at 6:30 AM, had some peanuts for breakfast, then trekked the Tagong mountains with my sandals. I have to admit that my sandals were not made for going on dam places like these grass fields. Sometimes, I had to jump over or Alex had to lift me up to pass. He was kind enough to do so.

Because of the heavy rain yesterday evening and night, there was water everywhere. Anyway, I tried to keep up with Alex. We couldn’t cross the river, that’s why we made it a long way to the top of a hill. Because the path was so small, I decided that my health and fear of heights weren’t good enough for trekking more. My speed must have restrained Alex because he wanted to do a big round passing several mountains. Without me, he could enjoy his trek even more. I parted ways with Alex and found my own way to go back to the hostel.

The way down was scary. I was very proud to stand alone on the top of the mountain, but then looking down made me frightened. I was scared of heights. There was no track, and the way was steep enough I had to walk very slowly and choose a good place to step on. At least, I wasn’t scared of snakes because there was no bush here. The fright didn’t go because after the mountain came the big field with muddy areas. And I saw some vultures whose voices scared me all the more. I nearly ran pass that field because I was afraid of becoming “the elephant of Tran Hung Dao”. After that, the thrill wasn’t over when some guys stared at me on the way back to the hostel. But I decided to pretend to be calm and took a leisure walk back. I left my camera with Alex, so I couldn’t take any pic on the way back.

Alex came back then we had fried rice for lunch with some eggs. The food made me miss my Daddy.

I decided to take a nap for about 1 hour then Alex woke me up and we went to see the golden temple near the town center. Unluckily, there was no way in, so we went to the Lhagang Monastery instead. This was the monastery near our hostel. We bought the tickets but dammit, the place was under reconstruction, we couldn’t see many things.

Alex got a lil bit sunburned on his face, but I still encouraged him to trek the mountain behind the monastery by himself. At 3:00 PM, I went back to the hostel watching a movie and waited for Alex. He was so healthy. I envied him.

I was the first person that marked on Vietnam on the world map in this hostel. I was so proud of myself.

P.s.: Later, Alex told me that Tagong was his favorite place on our trip. I understood why.

“Having been to Tagong Grassland is like having been to Lhasa.” That was a nice saying I needed in order to get rid of my fear of Tagong’s mountain trekking.

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Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Day 5: Kangding To Tagong Grassland

I got up early. Knowing that Alex didn’t have a good night sleep the day before, I didn’t wake him up. Waiting bored me so I decided to go down the hill to buy some dumplings.

Yesterday, I wanted to try the cable car, but today I had to cancel it because Alex woke up late. Thinking that his reading of comic books was very boring, I dragged him down the hill again to buy some ice creams. Ice creams here were effing good.

We checked out of the Zhilam Hostel and waited for the bus at the Princess Bridge. The bus came on time, but the Israeli guy Gal wasn’t. He must have been going to somewhere else. We had to leave him behind.

The bus reached the Tagong Grassland at 5 PM. We passed some places where there were clouds outside the small bus. I dozed off sometimes so couldn’t enjoy the view much.

Like in Kangding, we stayed in another dorm room, but with more people. The hostel was operated by a Tibetan family whose living room was shared with the guests, there was no curtain in the dorm room this time. So a guy heard of my Vietnamese talk with Alex. Then I learned that he spoke Vietnamese, too. He was a Vietnamese Danish guy. He was very nice and as old as the Israeli guy, 22 years of age. He said he was studying Chinese. He also knew how to speak many other languages. He understood Vietnamese, but couldn’t speak much. I joked with Alex that Vietnamese was no more our secret language here like in Kangding.

Even though I was tired, I still walked around to find some peanuts and stuff to hang clothes in the room.

We had dinner at a place with an English menu, and bought some Coke. We met the Gal and his gang here. They were so noisy that they ruined my mood to eat.

Was clueless if there would be a horse racing festival tomorrow. But I already told Alex that I didn’t wanna ride any animal. I won’t ever do it in my life, I guess.

P.s.: Tagong’s altitude is said to be from 3,700m.

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Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Day 4: Kangding

In the hostel, I heard that there was no bus to Garzê aka Ganzi. After discussing, Alex chose to go to Litang instead.

And then he decided to trek the mountain behind the hostel. We headed downhill for some food like Chinese pizzas, then went up to begin our journey. I didn’t know that it would be so hard to hike up a mountain. I was so surprised by Alex’s health. He might look like a nerd, but he was indeed a sportsman. We made it to the top around noon. The feet were like stone in my mouth, but I felt so happy and proud of myself somehow.

I was wrong again to think that going down was easier. The damn shoes hurt my big toes too much that I felt nothing at my feet on the latter half of the journey. Somewhere along the line, I couldn’t stand no more and decided to walk barefoot despite Alex’s objection. What a relief! One hour of walking barefoot was a lot easier to me.

I intended to take the cable car in the afternoon, but because of my slow speed, we finished the hike too late, so I decided to delay the cable car visit until next morning.

Before dinner, I watched “The soloist part 2” movie with Alex. We wandered around after that, then hesitated but finally chose a rice restaurant. They served rice with spinach and tofu. We ate on the street, not even the sidewalk. People were staring at us, mostly at Alex, I guessed.

In the end, Alex’s destination moved from Litang to the Tagong because rumor had it that there would be a horse festival the day after tomorrow.

From, I found out the mountain behind the Zhilam Hostel was called Bai Tu Kan. (updated on December 14, 2011.)

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Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Day 3: Chengdu To Kangding

Very early in the morning, we checked out of the guesthouse and went to the West Chengdu Bus Station (also called Chadianzi) at 8 AM. The tickets showed us that we had to wait 3 hours for the bus to start for Kangding.

Just when we left the city streets, there was a big traffic jam for 3 hours. Cars and buses and trucks ran everywhere on the road, making it worse. Because people in the other lane couldn’t move ahead when people in this lane didn’t retreat.

Then the road to Kangding held a lot of fun. I saw many beautiful scenes, river one side and mountain the other side of the road, passing by big tunnels. At last, the bus made it in Kangding around 8 PM.

On the way to find a hostel, we met a 22 year-old Israeli guy named Gal. As we didn’t know where to stay in Kangding, we went with him to find a place. Finally, we all headed to a place called Zhilam Hostel uphill. Its decoration had a feel of Tibetan though its owners were foreigners.

I was very tired. If Alex hadn’t carried my backpack, I couldn’t have made it to the hostel at all.

It was the first time I shared a dorm room with strangers. I was a lil bit bothered by the smelly stuff of a Western couple. There was just curtains dividing our beds so I just hoped there would be no thief.

At 9 PM, the 3 of us went out to find food. Because Gal didn’t eat pork, and there was only barbecued food and hotpot, I bought only milk, and tried an ice cream. The ice cream surprised me. It tasted like it was the best ice cream I’ve ever had in my life. Alex tried something like a Chinese pizza.

Then Alex and I watched the movie “The soloist” (part 1) together before calling it a night.

P.s.: Kangding’s altitude was said to be from 2,800m.

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Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Day 2: Chengdu Panda Base

We took a panda tour to visit the world famous giant pandas in the Chengdu Panda Base. They were so lovely, cutie… and I could use all beautiful adjectives I knew to describe such a creature. Even it was raining this morning, I felt so lucky to see the pandas in many of their positions: sleeping, eating breakfast, playing with each other, even lazily hanging on a tree.

Alex decided to have mapo tofu for lunch. That was my nightmare. It was so spicy I hardly ate anything except rice. Even Alex felt it spicy.

It was still raining in the afternoon. But we still took a stroll to the People’s Park with rented umbrellas from the hostel. On the way back, we took the wrong bus. I realized that it went to the airport instead of the hostel.

It wasn’t late, so we stopped to discover the Wenshu Temple’s walkways. The streets around this temple were perfect for walking. We took some pictures here.

I told Alex to walk back because maybe we could luckily find the shuttle car on the way back to the Sim’s Cozy Garden Hostel. I was right. The driver was pleased to bring us back. We were lucky.

After finishing the second part of the Italian movie we watched yesterday, we found a good place to have dinner: I had wonton and Alex had noodles. Such a good meal!

I tried to buy 2 peaches in a fruit store. Dammit! Peaches in China looked big but tasted bad. There was mostly water inside.

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Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Day 1: Hanoi To Chengdu, Transit In Guangzhou

Got the boarding pass long ahead of time, but I was still late for the boarding time because I thought that the time on the paper was the beginning time of boarding. I heard the last call for several times and realized that I was late. My French friend (he’s stayed in Hanoi) and I had to run at Noi Bai airport. But that wasn’t the only trouble of the day.

Filled in the immigration quarantine form on the airplane for H1N1. Though the outbreak of H5N1 was severe, but I just needed to pass a simple gate and there was no special control as far as I knew.

However, the wait to clear customs at Baiyunport in Guangzhou was quite long, but I was impressed at the largeness of the airport. It’s too big that they use horizontal escalators to help people move from gate to gate.

Alex had a problem with Chinese customs because his Omo detergent pack. Maybe they thought it was heroin?

As we reached Guangzhou at 9AM and the next flight to Chengdu is in the afternoon, we decided to spend our transit time at Guangzhou downtown. So, we got on the bus No. 2 or so which stopped at the President Hotel in the city center.

We went to a Chinese restaurant with an all-Chinese menu. After several times explaining the dish, we had a claypot of chicken rice for lunch. It tasted good!

What I did in 3 hours in this city: viewing the metro (just the ticket system and not the trains), having lunch in a restaurant where everybody stared at Alex, getting lost, and buying a brand-new camera at the technology fair, a Canon IXUS 100 IS. The salesgirl’s English was kinda limited, but she was very good at her job. She confirmed that the camera was made in Japan, and gave me a discount after convincing me for a while. The camera was also equipped with a 4 GB Kingston memory card.

We had a lot trouble catching the bus back to Baiyunport. We waited for the bus in vain in front of the President Hotel but no bus seemed to pass by. We had a lot of problem asking around as we couldn’t speak Chinese while other didn’t understand English. All the signboards were written in Chinese without any Pinyin. At last, a nice taxi driver understood what Baiyunport meant. We took the taxi to the Baiyunport bus stop about a few hundred meters away from where we thought it should have been.

Got in time for checking in at Baiyunport, but the boarding machine didn’t recognize Alex’s online tickets. Luckily, we got help. But unluckily, we had the meal on the plane before it departed because of traffic jam at the airport. I did a quiz on the plane but didn’t finish it. I knew that my English was limited.

Because of the plane delay, we checked in at the Sim’s Cozy Garden Hostel at about 11:30 PM. I walked a lot today: at the airports, around the Guangzhou downtown, walking to find the hostel (under the rain), specifically getting lost several times. When we found that there was a shuttle car at the Old Sim’s Cozy, I found so relieved. And luckily, it was a free ride. Such a long day!

We haven’t booked the hostel in advance, so we were lucky to find that there’s still a room with 2 separate beds in this Sim’s Cozy. It seemed to be a well-known place in Chengdu for travelers.

Even the day was long and we were tired enough, we still watched the Italian movie Gomorra (part 1) together from my Dell netbook before sleeping.

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Con Dao, Day 3: Way Back Home

We had a buffet breakfast like Day 2 in the restaurant at 7:30 AM, then headed back to the hotel room to collect stuff and check out of the hotel at 9:00 AM.

We waited there for the plane for 1.5 hours. The plane looked newer than the other one we took to Con Dao islands. We reached Tan Son Nhat airport at noon.

The Con Dao trip ended here.

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Con Dao, Day 2: Hang Duong Cemetery And Prisons

We had a buffet breakfast in the resort restaurant at 7 AM. At 8 AM, we went to the Hang Duong cemetery, had an official ceremony then visited Vo Thi Sau’s grave. When we came to Le Hong Phong’s, it rained heavily and we had to run out. It was still raining when we visited An Son Temple. We postponed the tiger cases till the afternoon.

There was sunshine in the afternoon after all. Eve felt headache so she didn’t go with us. I sticked to her friend Binh coz he was kinda the only one I felt acquainted with. We went to Phu Tuong prison (Bagne 3 +) to see tiger cages French style. Then we passed the shooting range where they shot Vo Thi Sau and left at Phu Tho prison (Bagne 3) gate.

We then visited the tiger cases American style at Phu Binh prison (Bagne 7), Vestige of Skull and Ham Phan Bo in Cow Cage Isolated Area, then Ma Thien Lanh Bridge. The last site of the Con Dao trip we went to see was the Ben Dam port.

Today’s sites, especially the tiger cases left a special impact on everybody.

I tried to connect iPhone with my Dell netbook which runs on Ubuntu but failed. I went to sleep kinda early tonight coz the long day out wore me out.

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Con Dao, Day 1: The Museum And Wharf 914

Today I got up early to go to the airport to catch the flight to Con Dao archipelago.

We departed Tan Son Nhat airport 30 mins later than expected. After 45 mins, we reached Con Son (Co Ong) airport and then the hotel around noon. The landing was a lil bit like a nightmare. I was so scared that I didn’t feel nauseous.

At 2 PM, it was raining a lot and I thought we had to cancel the visit to near spots. But luckily, the rain stopped. We walked to the museum nearby and listened to the Con Dao geographical and historical stories for half an hour. A few more walks led us to Wharf 914.

We left the wharf for Phu Hai prison (known as Bagne 1 for French people). We couldn’t see Phu Son prison (Bagne 2) because it was late.

We went to the beach in front of the resort for the evening swim. The beach here is more beautiful than in Vung Tau.

After dinner, we went for a karaoke section.

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Mùa Hè 1995 Của Tôi

Lâu lắm rồi tôi không viết văn. Chính xác là 8 năm có lẻ, từ cái đợt thi vào đại học năm 2000. Trời, nhìn lại thấy 8 năm trôi qua nhanh quá. Giờ tự dưng muốn viết văn nhưng từ ngữ bay biến đâu cả. Trong một ngày nóng nực thế này, tôi muốn viết về mùa hè của tôi. Viết thể loại nào bây giờ nhỉ. Phân tích, chứng minh gì gì đó thì không đúng, thôi cứ tạm gọi nó là miêu tả vậy.


Khi còn nhỏ, mùa hè là mùa tôi thích nhất trong 4 mùa của năm (cứ giả sử như là chúng ta có đầy đủ xuân hạ thu đông đi vậy nhé!) Tôi thường thích thú như điên khi mùa hè đến, vì nó đồng nghĩa với một năm học nhọc nhằn đã trôi qua, và tôi sẽ có 3 tháng nghỉ ngơi trước khi mùa thu đến. Tôi ghét mùa thu lắm vì chẳng có “cây cơm nguội vàng, cây bàng lá đỏ” gì cả, mà chỉ thấy tựu trường. Tôi vốn không thích đi học mà.

Mùa hè của tôi chấm dứt từ năm tôi học lớp 10 cơ, chứ không phải từ lúc bắt đầu đi làm đâu. Vì tôi đỗ vào lớp chuyên nên mùa hè là mùa học thêm bắt buộc. Chán thế đấy!

Mùa hè ở thành phố chẳng có gì đặc biệt, ngoài việc là cả 4 anh em chúng tôi đều ở nhà, nên các trò chơi tập thể được phát huy tối đa. Hầu hết là các trò vận động như là bóng đá, cầu lông, bóng bàn, ném cầu, đá cầu… nhưng cũng có một số trò chơi trí tuệ như là cờ vua, cờ tướng, domino, đánh bài… Tất cả đều diễn ra ở trong căn phòng ngoài chật hẹp 30m2 gì đó của căn hộ nơi chúng tôi ở, hoặc thỉnh thoảng chúng tôi chơi ở ngoài hành lang.

Thích nhất là mùa hè ở quê. Thanh Hóa lúc đó nghèo rớt mồng tơi, nhưng đối với một con bé 12 13 tuổi suốt ngày ở thành phố thì về quê tít mãi miền Bắc xa xôi là một sự kiện trọng đại mà tôi rất háo hức mong chờ. Đó là lần thứ hai tôi về quê, lần đầu tiên tôi 4 5 tuổi gì đó nên tôi chẳng nhớ gì hết.

Lần đó tôi về với chị sinh đôi và bố. Bố chăm sóc con gái rất chu đáo nên đi với bố là thích nhất. Đi tàu 2 ngày 2 đêm mới đến nơi. Dọc đường tôi thích mê ngắm nhìn những ruộng lúa, vườn cây, trâu bò, làng mạc, sông hồ, cầu bến. Chúng tôi rất thích mỗi khi tàu dừng ở mỗi ga. Dù bố không mua gì cả nhưng tôi thích nhìn xem ở ga đó người ta bán đặc sản gì của vùng miền đó.

Về đến quê chúng tôi ở nhà ông bà nội. Năm đó bà ngoài 80 ông cũng gần 80 rồi, nhưng ông bà vẫn còn mạnh khỏe lắm. Trong nhà ông bà nuôi 1 con chó mực, đằng sau bếp ông bà còn nuôi heo nữa. Trước nhà ông bà có một khoảnh sân thì lại nuôi gà. Vườn cây trước sân trồng đủ loại trái cây. Đằng trước cổng nhà là ao cá. Bên phải gian nhà chính thì có 1 cái giếng nước. Kế bên giếng nước ông bà trồng một giàn mướp và bí ngô. Một ngôi nhà thật tuyệt vời. Nhà bác tôi ở gần đó cũng gần tuyệt vời như thế. Có điều nhà bác làm ruộng, chứ không làm VAC như ông bà tôi.

Tôi không nhớ chính xác chúng tôi ở bên nhà nội bao nhiêu ngày nữa. Tờ lịch trên tường chỉ nói đó là tháng 6, còn tôi không biết chính xác hôm đó là thứ mấy, hay lúc đó là mấy giờ.

Ông bà thường thức dậy rất sớm. Và bà đi chợ mãi đầu làng mới quay về đánh thức chúng tôi dậy. Ăn sáng xong chúng tôi sang nhà bác phụ các chị họ dùng liềm trải rơm ra đường làng phơi cho thật khô để dùng nhóm bếp. Chúng tôi còn lấy bồ cào gỗ giống của Trư Bát Giới cào lúa ra khắp sân phơi cho khô nữa. Rồi chúng tôi về nhà bà. Trên đường về nhà chúng tôi gặp anh họ đang cưỡi con trâu hay con bò gì đó đi làm đồng về. Chúng tôi đứng thán phục một lúc mới về. Lúc đó bố tôi mới nói là 7h sáng.

Tôi thích sáng sớm thiệt sớm ngóng chú bán kem đi qua ngõ nhà ông bà. Bố tôi mua cả đống kem cây để chúng tôi ăn thay uống nước vì trà nhân trần khó uống lắm, dù chúng làm mát người. Kem ở quê rẻ ơi là rẻ, ngọt lịm nữa, nhưng dĩ nhiên không ngon lắm. Nhưng con nít mà, chỉ cần là “cà rem” thì thích lắm rồi.

Tôi còn nhớ tôi thích ra bờ ao nhìn bà cho cá ăn hay là bố lội ao bắt cá. Tôi cũng gan lắm bước mấy bậc ra tận bờ ao khua tay khua chân xuống nước nghịch ngợm với lũ cá. Món ăn thường ngày của chúng tôi là canh chua cá nấu với mẻ. Bố tôi suốt ngày câu cá nên bà thường hay kho và nấu canh, cùng với rau lấy trong vườn nhà. Tôi rất thích ra hè hái chanh và ngắt ớt để bà làm nước mắm. Trái cây tráng miệng cũng ngắt trong vườn, ổi, xoài…

Tôi và chị tôi hay vào kho mở thúng thóc nắm một nắm rõ to, ra sân mở lồng cho gà chạy tứ tung, ném cho chúng nó ăn, rồi lấy chổi tre khua khoắng tùm lum làm chúng bỏ chạy hết. Bà la chúng tôi lãng phí thóc, nhưng lúc đó còn nhỏ chúng tôi chỉ thấy vui nên cứ nghịch mãi trò đó.

Chúng tôi nghịch cả trong bếp. Nhóm bếp củi khó gì đâu, mà tôi thì thích nấu rơm lắm. Lại lãng phí nữa, nhưng tôi thích nhìn lửa bập bùng, nên cứ nghịch mãi. Có điều nấu cơm nấu nước gì cũng mãi mới chín mới sôi cực khổ lắm!

Gió Lào mùa hè rất nóng, và trừ mảnh vườn nhỏ thì chỗ nhà ông bà nội tôi chẳng có cây cối nào to để che chắn cả. Trước ngõ nhà ông bà chỉ có cây dừa thôi. Xa xa là ruộng lúa, xa hơn nữa là núi đá vôi. Nhìn thôi cũng đủ nóng nực rồi. Ở nhà ông bà tiết kiệm điện tối đa, hầu như chỉ mở quạt lúc ăn cơm để xua ruồi, và mở đèn một tí sau khi ăn tối để trà nước tiếp khách đến nhà. Ông bà tắt đèn hết và đi ngủ chắc khoảng 8h tối. Chúng tôi gần như phải mò mẫm trong bóng tối để rửa chén ở ngoài sân. Tôi rất thích đêm rằm ở quê. Trăng sáng ơi là sáng luôn. Tôi nhớ lúc đó chúng tôi ở nhà bác và hát bài “Đi cấy” dân ca Thanh Hóa mà chúng tôi vừa học xong năm đó ở trường: “Lên chùa bẻ một cành sen, ăn cơm bằng đèn đi cấy sáng trăng”.

Nóng quá nên chúng tôi thường trốn vào vườn cây. Bà mắc võng ngồi đu đưa, chúng tôi bắc ghế con ra ngồi nói chuyện. Bà kể chuyện vườn cây ngày xưa, kể chuyện bây giờ, dạy chúng tôi cây nào là cây nào, khi chăm sóc thì nên chăm sóc thế nào. Ôi tôi nhớ bà quá!

Chúng tôi cũng ở nhà ngoại nhiều ngày. Bên nhà ngoại anh chị em họ đông lắm nên tôi rất thích vì có bạn bè cùng lứa rủ đi chơi. Họ dẫn chúng tôi đến trường tiểu học đầu ngõ. Tôi khoái trá khi biết hiệu trưởng là anh họ xa của tôi, và tôi ngạc nhiên khi biết đám anh chị em họ tôi phải gọi mẹ hoặc thím của chúng là cô vì bác ấy dạy ở trường. Họ chỉ chúng tôi trèo cây, hái trộm trái cây nhà người khác, dạy chúng tôi mấy từ rất tục mà con nít nói rất nhiều, dạy cả phương ngữ nữa.

Thế là vài hôm sau chúng tôi y như dân địa phương, đạp cái xe thồ to chở thằng em họ nhí nhố đi khắp đường làng ngoằn nghèo, nói phương ngữ, văng tục chửi thề y như lũ con nít ở đó. Tôi thích lắm vì ở nhà tôi chỉ được đạp xe mini đến trường thôi. Tôi còn nhớ tôi dám lấy xe ra đường lớn để sang nhà dì tôi nữa dù bị họ hàng cấm. Tôi nhớ thằng em họ nó ngưỡng mộ thế nào khi tôi không rơi xuống ruộng khi đạp xe chở nó trên một con đường làng chật hẹp hai xe thồ đi ngược nhau.

Tôi nhớ chúng tôi tụ tập với mấy chị em gái xem tivi (bên nhà nội tôi không có tivi) hay tụ tập một chỗ học hát bài hát mới nghe lần đầu trong đời “Hạt nắng hạt mưa”: “Dường như trong từng tia nắng có nét tinh nghịch bạn trai, dường như trong từng hạt mưa có nụ cười duyên bạn gái”.

Đó là mùa hè tuyệt vời nhất của tôi. Chắc tôi sẽ còn nhớ như in những chi tiết ấy mãi. Tôi thích đồng quê, ruộng lúa, mái đình, bờ ao, giếng nước, trâu bò, đường làng, mùa gặt, máy tuốt lúa, xe thồ, lũ con nít nghịch ngợm và ti tỉ thức khác.

Giá mà có thể đơn giản nói “Cho tôi xin một vé đi tuổi thơ” nhỉ?

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