Ngawa Tibetan And Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Day 5: Huanglong

First time I heard of a person packing in the morning she flew for 15 days to a different climate. As a result, she didn’t even brought a good enough pair of shoes. Under the rain, she had no raincoat, no umbrella, and worse, she wore a pair of flip-flop to hike. She was using my stuff when it was raining in Dujiangyan several days ago, I wondered if she continued buying nothing for such weather. And that led me to another question: Which was more important to her, health or money?

Because it was raining when we started for Huanglong, they stopped their argument to hike on foot all the way, and decided to take the cable car to halfway. On the way to the top, I saw some precautions of health and oxygen, but didn’t experience any breathing problem if I walked slowly enough.

The view from the top lake was astonishing. If Mounigou was all lakes with crystal clear water, Huanglong had an incredible calcified scenery.

Finally, I did record some videos when the driver passed through the mountain tunnels.

Back to the hostel, my companions were trying to pick another restaurant in vain. I told them it only had Western food and the price was high. They came in, sat down, then left with a reason they didn’t have hot food (?!) I was so embarrassed.

As they insisted on changing the journey and talking badly about other people, I felt stressed and tired. This was the time I realized that I picked the wrong companions.

I thought I was a picky girl over food, but turned out I could have anything that was convenient. There was nothing better than a beer over some barbecued food for a rainy evening. And those barbecue restaurants were near, too. Luckily, the Dien Bien girl finally agreed to go with me tonight. And she was kind enough to pay for it.

From WeChat, I learned that the driver didn’t really go to Huanglong even though he was born here. I told him it was beautiful and he should go there in autumn.

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