Australia, Day 20: Hahndorf German Village And The City Of Adelaide

In the morning, I took the bus to the Hahndorf German Village which my friend had suggested. I saw a lot of “est. 1839” around this place, but it didn’t really look very old to me. Maybe I wasn’t used to the Western ancient times. I also found a panda statue and took a picture with it. But why did pandas appear here?

I could say for sure that Hahndorf was my most favorite attraction on this trip. Maybe because it was so quiet?

In the afternoon, I got back to the city and strolled around. In the downtown, I saw old houses mixed with new blocks. My sis and I spent quite a lot of time visiting the Art Gallery of South Australia where we saw a lot of aboriginal works of art. We then strolled the North Terrace to take pictures of the buildings.

We also visited the Chinatown and its market. It was quite different with the one in Sydney. I wondered how the Chinatown in Melbourne would look like.

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