Yunnan 2023, Day 8: Kunming And Back Home
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Yunnan 2023, Day 8: Kunming And Back Home

This morning, I took a short troll to the Kunming’s Dounan Flower Market before going to the Kunming Changshui International Airport to take the flight back home.

When I got back home, I lost about 1 kg. I thought the food was quite okay, but maybe I didn’t eat enough.

In general, cities and towns in Yunnan have mild temperatures. I liked Dali, Shangri-La, and Kunming while they were cool and pleasant. Lijiang was a little too hot and dry the days I were there. The fruits there are so much like in Vietnam. They have everything tropical. In this June, they have lychee, and durian. Besides, they have a special Chinese bayberry which I didn’t recall eating it before it. Other berries and cherries are available at affordable price. This was better than in Vietnam.

The food wasn’t as oily as I had thought. They had a lot of vegetables, too.

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