Yunnan 2023, Day 7: Lijiang To Kunming

Yunnan 2023, Day 7: Lijiang To Kunming

This was the first time I sat on a speed train in China. It wasn’t as speedy as I thought. The fastest speed I saw on the train was 198 km/h while I heard that it could be 250 km/h.

Around noon, I reached Kunming South Station. Then I went to the Kunming West Hill (Xishan Forest Park) where I took an old style cable car to the top. It was raining hard on my way down the hill, but the view to the DianChi Lake was so beautiful.

In the evening, I strolled around the night market near the C gate of the Fuhe Station. Here I bought a glass of fruit juices. So delicious! I also went to the supermarket for the last time to bought some noodles, congee, and milk tea to bring home tomorrow. This was the third time I had to ask for the bill at supermarkets in this trip. I wondered why Chinese people didn’t wanna know the details of what they’ve bought.

There were 2 fireworks at 10 p.m. I seemed to enjoy fireworks every time I went to China.

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