Ngawa Tibetan And Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Day 12: Mt. Siguniang To Chengdu

I realized that I was unlucky yesterday because it wasn’t raining any more. We went to the grocery store to find out the bus would only be here around 10 AM. So I decided to have another beef noodles. I was surprised that other companions didn’t have lunch.

I sat on the last row of the buses together with 2 Chinese girls. I dozed off once in a while and was woken up by hearing the sound of puke nearby. Luckily I could move to a better seat at the Gengda stop.

I reached Chengdu around 4PM. Then it took me an hour on the metro and foot to reach the Dreams Travel International Youth Hostel (near Wuhouci aka Temple of Marquis).

The Jinli Ancient Street next to Wuhou Temple was so crowded in this early evening. I guessed I would be back here tomorrow after revisiting the Chengdu Panda Base.

After checking in, I booked my panda tour with the help of a hostel staff in the station at Wuhou Temple opposite of the hostel. I paid the same price as others. Then the guy took a picture of the QR code and send me via WeChat. They didn’t speak as well as the people in the previous hostel in Chengdu, but they seemed to be more friendly and honest.

To my surprise, my companions offered to treat me dinner at a hotpot restaurant near the hostel. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see the 9 separate compartments; however, I thought it was Sichuan hotpot, maybe a lil bit different with the Chongqing one. The oil helped make the spicy taste go away, I thought. If I go back to Chengdu again in the future, I’ll try another hotpot place.

When I was back at the hostel, a guy from Xinjiang working as a designer freelancer here started talking to me. His English choices of words gave me a headache from time to time before I lost my patience and waved him goodbye.

Only in Chengdu could I feel the heat of the summer. In previous places, the weather made me feel like spring.

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