Australia, Day 14: Newcastle

It took me about 3 hours to reach Newcastle. First, I had to take a bus to Hornsby, then sat in a train. It was a very lovely travel because the train passed by the rivers, creeks, and lakes on the right side. First time I learned that a seat in a metro/train could change direction.

At the station, I was trying for the beach. When I reached the Strzelecki Lookout, I knew that I was on the Memorial Walk and the Anzac Memorial Bridge was not far. Finally, I reached the place. Though it was very sunny and windy, I still enjoyed the breathtaking views of the city and the beach. I also read some signs here, but Australian history was no fun, specifically when it involved in the World Wars.

Fist time I dipped my feet in the sea where I saw people swimming and surfing, Bar Beach. The water was a bit cool, but not really cold.

I recorded a video of Central Coast by the train on the way back.

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