Yunnan 2023, Day 3: Dali To Lijiang

Yunnan 2023, Day 3: Dali To Lijiang

In the morning, I went back to see a lazier ancient wall in the morning with few people and store openings. I even saw a group of old women at the Dali cinema square practicing their umbrella dance.

Then the bus took 3 hours to reach Lijiang around lunch. It was so hot (32 degrees centigrade) in the afternoon. At the Heilongtan (Black Dragon Pool), I could see the Yulong Snow Mountain from far away. Tomorrow I’ll take the cable car to its nearest site.

The Mufu in the Lijiang Ancient Town offered a rich history of Yunnan. The town had many beautiful flower-decorated houses which brought a sense of romance.

In the evening, I took a short stroll to the nearby supermarket where I bought some yogurt and a new bag. I thought it’d be fitter to my current bigger phone than the other bag I bought in Haining in 2019. I also tried my poor Chinese by asking a staff where to buy a belt and hand cream with some gestures.

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