Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Will You Adhere To Principles At Work?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Will You Adhere To Principles At Work?

Q: Will you adhere to principles at work?

A: To achieve success in today’s competitive workplace, filled with talented individuals, one must be humble, listen to the guidance of predecessors, identify areas of vulnerability, and work towards improvement. Only then can progress be made, and one’s capabilities be showcased to others.

The Resilient and Stubborn Group: Qi Sha and Po Jun: Qi Sha and Po Jun are intrigued by novelty. Once they determine a path, they are likely to charge ahead regardless, often being scolded by superiors for their recklessness. Therefore, when they discover that a particular path is challenging, they should brainstorm and consider alternative routes, which might lead to more success.

The Diligent and Hardworking Group: Lian Zhen and Wu Qu: Both stars belong to those who are diligent and hardworking, personally engaging in their tasks without complaints. However, doing everything by yourself might give the impression that you lack competence. Therefore, take a break, showcase your outstanding qualities appropriately, and make it easier to demonstrate your capabilities to your superiors.

The Blind Followers Group: Tan Lang, Zi Wei, Tian Ji: They share the common trait of being eager to learn but often end up shadowing others, hindering their own achievements. If they can act based on their own thoughts when appropriate, they may immediately create a reputation for themselves.

The Favored by Superiors Group: Tai Yang, Tian Liang: Both of them enjoy showcasing themselves to their superiors. However, remember that your superiors might want to promote someone who has the support of their peers. Hence, do not hesitate to invest some time and effort in building good relationships with colleagues.

The Orderly and Principled Group: Ju Men and Tian Xiang: They are accustomed to carefully planning and gradually implementing. If they can break free from their fixed thought patterns in practical work, adapt to changing circumstances, they might achieve higher efficiency.

The Humble Group: Tian Fu, Tai Yin, Tian Dong: They consistently display traditional qualities of humility and courtesy. To earn the admiration of superiors, it is sometimes necessary to create opportunities, demonstrate oneself appropriately, and do so at the right time.

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