Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Who Is The Most Vulnerable Person In The Workplace?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Who Is The Most Vulnerable Person In The Workplace?

Q: Who is the most vulnerable person in the workplace? 🤕💼👩‍💻

A: Of course, in workplace fights, if there is a winner, naturally there will also be unlucky people on the sidelines. In a situation where both sides are suspected of deceiving each other, which major stars are often easily taken advantage of by others?

Tian Tong: For honest and helpful individuals like Tian Tong, not taking advantage of them is a missed opportunity. Even when they are aware of being exploited, they often remain indifferent, resembling someone who willingly accepts blows.

Tian Liang: The inclination towards maintaining a good image is the biggest vulnerability for Tian Liang. Just a few sweet words and flattery are enough to make their heads swell with joy. They might willingly shoulder all responsibilities for you. Hence, they live and die for their public image outside but carry resentment alone at home.

Tai Yang: While Tai Yang is not as easily exploited as the two mentioned above, they have their vulnerabilities. They maintain their principles, but their emotions can be easily swayed, and they are somewhat hot-tempered. Hence, when their mood is unstable, they become more susceptible to exploitation.

Looking at these examples, we may observe that those who are most prone to exploitation are often individuals with a naturally gentle and kind nature. Therefore, it is essential to appreciate their enthusiasm and kindness rather than taking advantage of them.

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