Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Who Is The Most Straightforward Employee?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Who Is The Most Straightforward Employee?

Q: Who is the most straightforward employee? 😬👨🏻‍💼💥

A: When dealing with superiors who are authoritarian and difficult to work with, not only is collaboration challenging, but employees often face unwarranted criticisms. Employees like you may feel frustrated and complain. However, don’t let that make you pessimistic. In reality, there are still individuals inherently imbued with a spirit of honesty. Even if it means confronting their boss’s mistakes, they will not be afraid to speak up.

Po Jun:
With a decisive and straightforward personality, Po Jun always belongs to the group of people who prefer to break down before building up. For them, making mistakes is not shameful; what’s truly shameful is making mistakes and refusing to acknowledge or correct them. If their boss makes a mistake and shifts the blame onto others, Po Jun will feel embarrassed on behalf of the boss and lose trust in them. Therefore, if any boss makes a mistake, they will candidly point it out immediately.

Lian Zhen:
Lian Zhen is relatively rigid in their work and not easily compromising. For them, a boss who makes a mistake should face consequences just like any other employee. Otherwise, the rules and regulations of the company would lose their value. To uphold their values, Lian Zhen will undoubtedly insist on making the boss admit to their mistake.

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