Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Who Can Keep Your Secrets?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Who Can Keep Your Secrets?

Q: Who can keep your secrets?

A: Those born under Tian Liang have a cautious nature and generally avoid discussing or mentioning others’ private matters. If someone in a group conversation says something detrimental about another person, Tian Liang may even step in to scold them, protecting the privacy and dignity of the individual. Therefore, those under Tian Liang are definitely capable of keeping their friends’ secrets.

Individuals with Tai Yin tend to be friendly, but they never use sharp words to discuss others’ affairs, making them trustworthy keepers of secrets.

While those under Tian Ji are intelligent and sharp, they have a sense of moderation when it comes to gossip and trivial matters. Even if they contribute to a lively atmosphere, they know when to stop and won’t discuss others’ private affairs.

Individuals under Tian Fu dislike conflict and have a compassionate heart. They won’t use harsh words to comment on others, always maintaining an optimistic and progressive attitude. However, occasionally, they may engage in some light gossip.

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