Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Women Are The Most Coquettish?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Women Are The Most Coquettish?

Q: Which women are the most coquettish? 👯🏿‍♀️

A: Being coquettish is not exclusive to men; there are women who are naturally flirtatious and quite “coquettish” too.

Tan Lang: Women with the Tan Lang personality are extroverted. They thoroughly enjoy the sensations that being “coquettish” can bring. For them, romantic relationships between men and women are merely a game.

Lian Zhen: Women with the Lian Zhen personality often take an approach of attracting and captivating talented men. They make these men infatuated with them, but once they succeed, Lian Zhen quickly moves on to prepare to target someone else.

Po Jun: Women with the Po Jun personality enjoy dressing up to be charming and seductive. Their main purpose is to garner as much attention as possible from handsome, stylish men.

Tai Yang: Women with the Tai Yang personality may not express seductiveness openly, but they often have romantic scenarios in their minds of holding hands with the man they love. They belong to the type of ‘coquettish’ individuals who keep it a secret.

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