Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Star Loves You Inside Out?

Q: Which star loves you inside out?

A: People with Zi Wei in the Rat or Horse palace: They are very suspicious but enjoy sensory pleasures. When they say “I love you,” it may be everything they have for you.

People with Wu Qu in the Rabbit/Cat or Monkey palace: They may appear strong and resilient on the surface, but they are easily swayed. When they tell you “I love you”, it is true, but if they say “I won’t love you anymore,” they will regret it in a few days.

People with no major star in their Destiny palace: Sometimes, they don’t know why they have to say “I love you” because they are unsure who is controlling whom.

People with Wen Chang and Wen Qu in their Destiny palace: They have a certain degree of self-worship. When they say “I love you,” it’s like setting sprat to catch a mackerel, making you say more sweet words.

People with Hua Lu in the Spouse palace: They seem to be born for love, so the people they seek are mostly lovers. When they say “I love you,” it comes from sincerity, but later they may say the same thing to someone else.

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