Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Natal Chart Has A Dull And Tasteless Love Life?

Zi Wei Dou Shu Q&A: Which Natal Chart Has A Dull And Tasteless Love Life?

Q: Which natal chart has a dull and tasteless love life?

A: Zi Wei, Tian Fu in the Destiny palace: These individuals often have a proud and high-expectation nature when it comes to both their future and their partners. However, life tends to disappoint them significantly, with their achievements falling far short of their expectations or their significant others not living up to their idealized hopes. As a result, even though they may not lack emotional experiences in life, they frequently feel lonely and empty inside.

Qi Sha in the Destiny palace: Men with Qi Sha in their Destiny palace tend to have a competitive and intolerant nature. They cannot bear rejection from others, so they often develop a cold and strong exterior as a defense mechanism. Over time, they may lose the ability to appreciate the sweetness of romantic love from women. Women with Qi Sha in their Destiny palace may have an open and generous personality, but they struggle to express gentle emotions. Their inherent “going it alone” characteristic makes it difficult for them to achieve the goal of finding a sweet, fulfilling love. Consequently, they often feel lonely and empty inside.

Ju Men in the Destiny palace: Individuals with Ju Men in their Destiny palace tend to be emotionally sensitive and easily wounded, especially in their early years. This leads to a guarded and suspicious attitude towards those who pursue them romantically. Coupled with their tendency to be picky and desire a truly compatible partner, finding a satisfying romantic relationship becomes quite challenging for them. Therefore, they often experience regret and longing in their emotional lives.

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